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An extension for python markdown.

Wraps all images in a lightbox link. lightbox was created by Lokesh Dhakar and provided under the MIT License (see LICENSE in lightbox directory). Lightbox CSS and JS must be included in final html-- this extension will not add those! Copies of the lightbox CSS and JS files are included in this repository in the lightbox folder; alternatively these can be accessed at the lightbox github repo

The extension can either group all images into same lightbox if config option group = True (the default), or make each image have a separate lightbox if config option group = False.

Grouping of images into lightboxes can also be done manually be specifying @{lightbox-name} right after the opening "[" bracket of the image, e.g. ![@{my-lightbox-name}Here is my description](image.jpg) (or after "[!" if hiding the image... see below)

Hidden images (that appear in lightbox gallery but not in the main page) can be added by adding a "!" right after the opening "[" bracket of the image. If adding a lightbox name using "@{name}" then the "!" goes before the "@".

To install, clone the git repo and use pip install /path/to/repo

Then the extension can be used by doing:

import markdown
from mdlightbox import LightboxImagesExtension

md = markdown.Markdown(extensions=[LightboxImagesExtension(group = True)])

#image with default lightbox name
md.convert('![my description](image.jpg)')

#hidden image
md.convert('![!my description](image.jpg)')

#specified lightbox name
md.convert('![@{mylightbox}my description](image.jpg)')

#hidden image with specified lightbox name
md.convert('![!@{mylightbox}my description](image.jpg)')

For use with Flask-Flatpages:

FLATPAGES_MARKDOWN_EXTENSIONS = ['mdlightbox:LightboxImagesExtension']

I don't think it is currently possible with Flask-flatpages to add in configuration options. You can always change the default for 'group' in the source code if you prefer group = False.


extension for python markdown to lightbox images




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