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Python wrapper for TwinCAT ADS
Python Dockerfile
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pyads - Python package

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This is a python wrapper for TwinCATs ADS library. It provides python functions for communicating with TwinCAT devices. pyads uses the C API provided by TcAdsDll.dll on Windows on Linux. The documentation for the ADS API is available on



From PyPi:

$ pip install pyads

From Github:

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd pyads
$ python install


  • connect to a remote TwinCAT device like a plc or a PC with TwinCAT
  • create routes on Linux devices and on remote plcs
  • supports TwinCAT 2 and TwinCAT 3
  • read and write values by name or address
  • read DUTs (structures) from the plc
  • notification callbacks

Basic usage

import pyads

# add route to remote plc
pyads.add_route("", "")

# connect to plc and open connection
plc = pyads.Connection('', pyads.PORT_SPS1)

# read int value by name
i = plc.read_by_name("GVL.int_val", pyads.PLCTYPE_INT)

# write int value by name
plc.write_by_name("GVL.int_val", i, pyads.PLCTYPE_INT)

# close connection
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