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.syntax unified
* Arguments:
* r0 - source memory ptr
* r1 - target memory ptr
* r2 - count of bytes
* r3 - flash register offset
.global copy
* These two NOPs here are a safety precaution, added by Pekka Nikander
* while debugging the STM32F05x support. They may not be needed, but
* there were strange problems with simpler programs, like a program
* that had just a breakpoint or a program that first moved zero to register r2
* and then had a breakpoint. So, it appears safest to have these two nops.
* Feel free to remove them, if you dare, but then please do test the result
* rigorously. Also, if you remove these, it may be a good idea first to
* #if 0 them out, with a comment when these were taken out, and to remove
* these only a few months later... But YMMV.
# load flash control register address
# add r3 to flash_base for support dual bank (see flash_loader.c)
ldr r7, flash_base
add r7, r7, r3
ldr r5, flash_off_sr
add r5, r5, r7
# copy 2 bytes
ldrh r4, [r0]
strh r4, [r1]
# increment address
adds r0, r0, #0x2
adds r1, r1, #0x2
# BUSY flag
ldr r7, =0x01
# get FLASH_SR
ldr r4, [r5]
# wait until BUSY flag is reset
tst r4, r7
bne wait
# test PGERR or WRPRTERR flag is reset
ldr r7, =0x14
tst r4, r7
bne exit
# loop if count > 0
subs r2, r2, #0x2
bgt loop
.align 2
.word 0x40022000
.word 0x0c