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Code generation, reverse engineering, ant task and more tools for Hibernate Core
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Hibernate Tools
Version: 3.4.0.CR1, February 2011

What is it

The tools for Hibernate provides various tools to use with Hibernate.
The primary tools can be used for generating source artifacts such as
mapping files, java entities, DAO and other scaffolding code.  The
source of this generation can be JDBC database, classes or even just
existing mappings.

It uses Hibernate core metamodel to generate from and to the source
artifacts. Allowing it to support both top-down, bottom-up and
middle-out development.

Hibernate Tools is used in JBoss Tools Hibernate plugins to provide
parts of the Eclipse plugins for Hibernate. 


This software is distributed under the terms of the FSF Lesser Gnu Public
License (see lgpl.txt). This product includes software developed by the Apache
Software Foundation ( 

Hibernate Tools URLs

Home Page: |
Mailing lists:
Source Code:
Issue Tracking:
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