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added information on squashing commits

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@@ -242,6 +242,29 @@ with master, don't merge; and force the push to the origin:
$ git rebase -f upstream/master
$ git push -f origin BRANCH_NAME
+Often, moderators will ask you to "squash" your commits. This means you will
+convert many commits to one commit. To do this, use the rebase command:
+.. code-block:: bash
+ $ git rebase -i head~3
+ $ git push -f origin BRANCH_NAME
+The number 3 here must equal the amount of commits in your branch. After you
+type this command, an editor will popup showing a list of commits:
+.. code-block:: text
+ pick 1a31be6 first commit
+ pick 7fc64b4 second commit
+ pick 7d33018 third commit
+To squash all commits into the first one, remove the word "pick" before the
+second and the last commits, and replace it by the word "squash" or just "s".
+When you save, git will start rebasing, and if succesful, will ask you to edit
+the commit message, which by default is a listing of the commit messages of all
+the commits. When you finish, execute the push command.
.. note::
All patches you are going to submit must be released under the MIT
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