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An archive of graphics and data-visualizations on built using NPR Visuals Team's Dailygraphics rig


Code Live link Description
2018-01-22-meacham-park-median-income A shared future: Kirkwood residents look ahead Leaflet.js map
2018-01-22-meacham-park Kirkwood is still healing, 10 years after the City Hall shootings Leaflet.js map
2018-01-16-refugees 450 refugees are expected to resettle in St. Louis this year, compared to more than 1,100 in 2016 Column chart with d3.js
2018-01-08-county-council-district-3 Councilwoman Wasinger considers GOP bid for St. Louis County executive Leaflet.js map


Code Live link Description
Missouri foster children top agenda for first lady Sheena Greitens Bar chart, grouped bar charts with d3.js
2017-12-28-state-pop-change 5 things to know about population growth in your state, the country and the world Bar chart with d3.js
'I was too black:' Discrimination, segregation perpetuate income inequality in St. Louis Line chart, stacked column chart, grouped stacked column chart, dot chart with d3.js
2017-12-11-stl-city-county-departments New talk of city-county merger appears to energize both sides HTML graphic
2017-12-06-jail-deaths Medication denied: St. Louis inmates claim medical neglect in local jails Responsive table
2017-12-01-mediation-flow Here’s what you need to know about St. Louis’ Office of Community Mediation HTML graphic
2017-11-15-stl-area-aprs See the annual performance grades for St. Louis' school districts Small multiple line charts with d3.js
2017-11-14-mo-hate-crimes-by-motivation Hate crimes rose in 2016, declined in Missouri Grouped bar chart with d3.js
Here’s where voters did — and didn’t — support Prop P Map with leaflet.js, scatterplot with d3.js, issue matrix
At select charter schools, white families tip the balance toward diversity Dot chart and line chart with d3.js
2017-10-06-puerto-rico For St. Louisans with ties to Puerto Rico, sending help to family is a logistical nightmare Map with NPR's Mapturner
2017-09-29-stockley-protests What happened when: A day-by-day look at protests throughout the St. Louis region Responsive table
2017-09-08-mo-hwy-patrol-stl State, federal agencies can help stem gun violence, but St. Louis bears responsibility Bar chart with d3.js
2017-09-07-election-turnout St. Charles County confronts the pluses, minuses of its rapid growth Line chart with d3.js
2017-09-04-school-broadband-speed Where the internet ends: Connections slow or nonexistent for rural Missouri schoolkids Map with leaflet.js
Catholic education in St. Louis area in flux as culture, demographics shift Map with NPR's Mapturner, stacked column charts with d3.js
2017-08-30-health-tour Seek first to understand: Lessons on poverty teach medical students to be better doctors Map and column charts with d3.js
2017-08-15-il-eclipse Length of totality in tiny Southern Illinois towns puts them on the eclipse map Map with NPR's Mapturner
Men under 29 most likely to be shot or to shoot in St. Louis; leaders say jobs, education can fix it Stacked column charts with d3.js
2017-08-07-school-enrollment Wentzville's the latest school district to undergo St. Charles County growth spurt Line graph with d3.js
2017-08-03-stlco-property-tax Average home value in St. Louis County is highest in nearly a decade Table
Parole anything but certain for juvenile lifers a year after Missouri changed law Icon illustration, timeline
2017-07-28-mrh-suspensions Missouri school districts eschew suspensions, turn to calming disciplinary techniques Grouped bar chart with d3.js
2017-07-24-mo-maternal-mortality Missouri doctor grapples with state's high rate of deaths in childbirth Column chart with d3.js
2017-07-07-mo-transportation-aid Leaders of rural Missouri schools ‘getting used to’ transportation cuts Line graph with d3.js
2017-06-30-mo-insurers-centene Centene To Enter Missouri Counties Left ‘Bare’ By Blue KC’s Decision To Exit ACA Marketplace Maps with d3.js (updates 2017-06-09-mo-insurers)
Legacy of 1917 East St. Louis race riot is etched in family trees Timeline with tiktok.js
2017-06-27-breweries-map St. Louis breweries are helping bring some neighborhoods back to life Map with leaflet.js
2017-06-23-school-transgender-policies Only 6 St. Louis-area schools have a clear restroom policy for transgender students Responsive table
2017-06-19-voter-id Do you have the right ID to vote under Missouri's new law? Find out with this quiz Flowchart/quiz thingy with javascript
2017-06-09-mo-insurers 18,000 could lose health coverage in Missouri’s ‘bare counties,’ as state faces tough choices Maps with d3.js
Wentzville, O’Fallon, Missouri, continue growth trend, plus 3 more takeaways from new Census numbers Bar charts, line chart with d3.js
2017-04-17-corporate-taxes Corporate income tax revenues drop in Missouri, but not because of the economy Line chart with d3.js
2017-04-12-fentanyl-2 Fentanyl-related deaths surge across St. Louis region Stacked bar chart with d3.js
2017-04-10-slay-population Millennium Mayor: The "best phone call" of all Line chart with d3.js
2017-04-10-slay-homeless Millennium Mayor: Tying the knot with the LGBTQ community Column chart with d3.js
2017-04-10-slay-murder-stats Millennium Mayor: Controlling crime, and the police who fight it Line graph with d3.js
2017-04-10-slay-crime Millennium Mayor: Controlling crime, and the police who fight it Line graph with d3.js
2017-04-10-slay-voter-turnout-by-ward Millennium Mayor: The Day Slay got booed Dot chart with d3.js
2017-04-10-slay-school-apr Millennium Mayor: The dawn of school board chaos Responsive table
2017-04-10-slay-charter-schools-map Millennium Mayor: The dawn of school board chaos Leaflet.js map
2017-04-10-slay-mayor-timeline Millennium Mayor: Meet the Millennium Mayor Timeline with d3.js
2017-04-10-sales-taxes On the Trail: As sales taxes go up, so does likelihood of voters’ breaking point Dot chart with d3.js
2017-04-05-election-prop-ns St. Louis won't see more money for vacant buildings Leaflet.js map
2017-04-05-election-prop-2 On the Trail: Why a bid to publicly fund a soccer stadium faltered in St. Louis Leaflet.js map
2017-04-05-election-krewson Lyda Krewson to become St. Louis’ first woman mayor Leaflet.js map
2017-03-31-voter-turnout One safe prediction about Tuesday's election: most people won't bother voting Dot chart with d3.js
2017-03-15-golf-courses Curious Louis gets a history lesson about golf courses in Normandy Leaflet.js map
2017-03-13-ferguson-market-in-police-report Prosecutor: Ferguson convenience store video 'not relevant’ to grand jury investigation Embed of DocumentCloud
2017-03-09-grad-rates Online alternative high school puts St. Louis students on path to graduation, but rigor questioned Block histogram/bar chart with d3.js
2017-02-21-payday-lenders-stl Prop S seeks more regulation of payday loans in St. Louis; supporters say state is failing Leaflet.js map
Latest Election Coverage List of latest election coverage, and an in-story widget
2017-02-17-exports Missouri’s second-largest trade partner is Mexico; but tariff talk causes uncertainty Grouped bar chart with d3.js
2017-02-10-patoka End of the line: We visit the Southern Illinois towns where the Dakota Access Pipeline ends Leaflet.js map
Missouri budget cuts present roadblock to citizenship for immigrants over 60 Bar charts, population chart with d3.js
2017-01-26-cid-map Community Improvement Districts: From multi-block business districts to a Starbucks Leaflet.js map
2017-01-19-political-mood St. Louis voters prepare to accept Trump as president, with very mixed emotions Responsive table
2017-01-17-nfl-tweets Who's St. Louis' NFL team now? Slopegraph with d3.js


Code Live link Description
2016-12-13-mall-map Curious Louis: Why malls struggle, especially those in north St. Louis County? Leaflet.js map
2016-11-21-numbered-streets Curious Louis: the mystery of the vanishing numbered streets Map with d3.js
Election 2016 Maps with d3.js
2016-08-05-ferguson-promises After 2 years: Are commitments turning into action in Ferguson? Table
2016-11-07-mo-apr Progress Report: No Missouri school district scored in unaccredited range this year Filterable table
2016-10-10-missouri-parks-tax-revenue Proposed constitutional amendment would continue funding stream for Missouri state parks Line chart with d3.js
2016-10-05-political-mood With presidential election just weeks away, many voters remain very unhappy Table
2016-10-03-foreign-born St. Louis the fastest-growing metro area for immigrants, census data shows Slopegraph with d3.js
2016-09-29-map-scores Unaccredited districts cite progress in latest test score results Filterable table
2016-09-26-pin-candidate-quiz Can you tell who has their vote, based on statements from likely voters? javascript
curious-louis-question-generator Curious Louis' question generator javascript
2016-09-07-map-scores MAP results show achievement gap persists in Missouri schools Bar chart with d3.js
Real estate agents: Home sales on the rise in Ferguson Line charts with d3.js
2016-07-27-summer-food Young St. Louisan feeds children, shows what community looks like Map with leaflet.js
2016-07-11-loop-trolley-detour Roads near Forest Park close for Loop Trolley construction Illustration with ai2HTML
Sinquefield and Humphreys family are this year's biggest financial players in Missouri politics Illustrations with ai2HTML
2016-06-23-route-66-map Gas up the car — the Missouri History Museum is getting its kicks with Route 66 Map with leaflet.js
St. Louis takes new look at old problem: What to do with vacant land and abandoned buildings Map with leaflet.js
2016-06-06-stl-budget Aldermen put their stamp on the 2017 budget Issue matrix
Why didn't St. Louis and St. Louis County meet their 10-year goal to end chronic homelessness? Bar charts with d3.js
2016-06-02-nga-city NGA makes it official: New facility will be in St. Louis Map with leaflet.js
2016-06-01-mo-traffic-stops Can Missouri's vehicle stops report lead to laws with sharper teeth? Table
2016-05-27-nga-church A church in the proposed NGA footprint: Congregation says goodbye Map with leaflet.js
2016-05-19-census-top-bottom-20 Five things to know about the St. Louis region from the new Census numbers Block histogram with d3.js
2016-05-19-census-biggest-cities Five things to know about the St. Louis region from the new Census numbers Column chart with d3.js
2016-04-27-edplus Financial downturn at Education Plus led to director's departure Line chart with d3.js
2016-04-27-edplus-reserves Financial downturn at Education Plus led to director's departure Column chart with d3.js
2016-04-18-wlh-suspended-futures-k-3 We Live Here: In Missouri, suspensions more frequent and harsher for young black students Infographic
2016-04-11-curious-louis-florissant Curious Louis: The Florissants edition Map with leaflet.js
2016-04-08-slay-infobox St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay announces he will not run for re-election Infobox
2016-04-06-umsl-reductions-by-department UMSL will cut up to 85 positions in cost-cutting move Stacked bar chart with d3.js
2016-03-25-prop-b On the April 5 ballot: Explaining Proposition B. It retains tax on out-of-state car purchases Responsive table
2016-03-24-prop-e-budget-composition On the April 5 ballot: Dissecting the earnings tax issue Stacked bar chart with d3.js
2016-03-22-oregon-county-map A new Missouri park? Local lawmakers are saying no to land purchased around the Eleven Point Map with NPR's Mapturner
2016-03-18-pi-building-move Will the other shoe drop on the Buster Brown Blue Ribbon Shoe Factory? Map with Leaflet.js
2016-03-09-political-mood Voters’ moods reflect broad frustration with 'the establishment' Responsive table, embedded audio with Soundcite.js
2016-03-01-county-registered-voters Curious Louis: How can a municipality have more registered voters than residents? Grouped bar chart with d3.js
2016-02-24-stl-county-heroin-deaths-age ‘It is all over the place.’ St. Louis County health department breaks down heroin deaths by zip code Bar chart with d3.js
2016-02-22-homicides-wake-wells-goodfellow Homicide's Wake: From a close-knit neighborhood to 15 homicides in one year Column chart with d3.js
2016-01-26-political-mood What is your political mood? St. Louis voters weigh in on Election 2016 Responsive table, embedded audio with Soundcite.js
2016-01-13-neighborhood-crime St. Louis crime reports in 2015: How did your neighborhood fare? Map, donut chart, dynamic text with d3.js
2016-01-12-zmd-attendance Museum says new emphasis on local history boosts attendance Bar chart with d3.js


Code Live link Description
Floodwaters from record rain not radioactive — but deadly for some in Missouri as many roads close Line chart, column chart with d3.js
2015-12-18-stadium-bill-vote St. Louis aldermen approve stadium funding plan -- now it's the NFL's turn to act Issue Matrix
2015-12-15-stadium-bill-perfection Comptroller votes against financing package for new NFL stadium Issue matrix
2015-12-14-stadium-footprint In the proposed footprint of a new St. Louis stadium, a photographic tour of what's already there Leaflet.js map with photos
2015-12-09-immigration-flow Who are the refugees in St. Louis? Sankey diagram with d3.js
2015-12-01-wlh-gun-violence-public-health We Live Here: Treating gun violence as public health issue — easier said than done Responsive table
2015-11-24-landfill-players Who are the players in the West Lake and Bridgeton landfill sagas? HTML graphic
On the Trail: Breaking down the costs, benefits and gaps of St. Louis' riverfront stadium Bar charts, line chart with d3.js
2015-11-11-wlh-black-instructors We Live Here: The Mizzou student demand that hardly any U.S. colleges are meeting HTML graphic with d3.js
We Live Here: Surviving school suspensions Leaflet.js map, responsive table, HTML\JS quiz
2015-11-03-stl-infant-mortality Breaking the link between poverty and infant death in St. Louis Leaflet.js map
2015-10-28-stl-startups-vc St. Louis biotech startups have 'watershed' year Responsive table
Report card time: Struggling school districts show improvement Leaflet.js map, responsive table
Arch visitors top 130 million over 50 years, but who's counting? Column chart, grouped bar chart with d3.js
2015-10-07-groceries National 'Grocery Wars' hit St. Louis region prompting stores to adjust to more competition Leaflet.js map
2015-09-28-midtown-development-map Commuters brace for the worst as Ikea opens in resurgent St. Louis neighborhood Leaflet.js map
2015-09-25-heroin-treatment The St. Louis heroin epidemic: barriers to treatment Responsive table
2015-09-04-global-hack GlobalHack V tackles municipal courts Responsive table (in story as image)
2015-08-31-fischer-art-map Mapped: Peter Fischer's legacy enriches the art St. Louisans can enjoy Leaflet.js map with images
2015-08-31-attendance-gap Report: ‘Attendance gap’ starts early, erodes students' success Block Histogram with d3.js
2015-08-24-MAP-scores-charter-schools Why it's hard to judge charter schools on MAP test numbers Grouped bar chart with d3.js
Analysis: Even with public disclosures, Ferguson donations are hard to track Responsive tables
2015-08-17-district-map-scores District-by-district MAP results show continued struggles in some area schools Grouped bar chart with d3.js
2015-08-11-map-data MAP results show achievement gap persists in Missouri schools Grouped bar charts with d3.js
2015-08-10-lead Federal inspectors cracking down on lead paint violations in St. Louis Leaflet.js map
2015-07-21-health-providers-map We Live Here: Caring about health in the face of toxic stress Google Map (iFramed with Pym.js)
We Live Here: Health happens where we live; a school shows how Column charts with d3.js, Leaflet.js map
2015-07-08-mckee-loans Small town bank has big stake in McKee’s north city project Responsive table
2015-07-07-stl-crime St. Louis reaches 93 homicides for 2015 Leaflet.js map
2015-07-02-payments-to-doctors Data: Drug and medical device companies paid $72 million to Missouri doctors in 17 months Bar graph with d3.js
2015-07-01-fair-stl-map Fair St. Louis officials encourage alternate transportation to Forest Park Graphic with AI2HTML
2015-06-26-same-sex-ruling Missouri couples rejoice as U.S. Supreme Court upholds their right to marry Hex map (updates NPR's graphic)
Latest census estimates show slow growth in St. Louis region Line graph, slopegraph with d3.js
2015-06-16-mo-budget Thanks to its income tax, Missouri ends fiscal year with budget in good shape Grouped bar chart with d3.js
2015-05-26-muni-revenue Municipal court bill's reach will extend well beyond Ferguson's streets Leaflet.js map
We Live Here Graphic: How do Missouri's public defenders stack up? Bar graph, hex map with d3.js.
2015-05-11-kingshighway-detour Kingshighway traffic will be routed onto Vandeventer starting July 6 Graphic using AI2HTML
Missouri tax credits helped McKee buy land; now the city of St. Louis wants to buy it Leaflet.js maps
2015-05-07-muni-revenue Beyond budgets: New state law may force county municipalities to make major changes Responsive table
2015-04-29-college-value-add Rolla = Cambridge in new college rankings that try to show how schools add value Small multiples chart with d3.js
2015-04-27-mo-budget How the Missouri General Assembly's budget differs from governor's proposals Grouped bar chart with d3.js
2015-04-23-police-mental-health-response What options do police have when interacting with those with mental health issues? Responsive table
Northside Developer McKee leaves city property taxes unpaid Interactive map with Leaflet.js, charts with D3.js, map with Mapbox.
2015-04-02-hepatitis-drugs Express Scripts uses clout to reduce cost of $1,000-per-day hepatitis treatment Responsive table
2015-03-30-stadium-mound-map New football stadium threatens what remains of St. Louis’ Native American past — and present Static map using ai2html
2015-03-26-county-pop-estimates St. Louis region ranks low among top metros in population growth for 2014 Graph with d3.js
2015-03-24-ferguson-doj-witnesses Why did the Justice Department conclude that 'Hands Up, Don't Shoot' was a myth? Responsive table
2015-03-20-municipal-courts Overlapping judges, prosecutors weave tangled web in St. Louis County municipal courts Co-occurrence matrix with d3.js
2015-03-11-ferguson-out Ferguson Police Chief Jackson resigns Infobox
2015-03-10-mo-bridges-graphs MoDOT: 600 Missouri bridges are in poor to serious condition Small multiple graphs with d3.js
2015-03-10-mo-bridges MoDOT: 600 Missouri bridges are in poor to serious condition Responsive table
2015-03-10-loop-trolley Loop Trolley breaks ground after years of planning Map with Leaflet and d3.js, integrating images.
2015-03-03-school-bills-comparison Student transfer bills on fast tracks in Jefferson City Responsive table
2015-02-18-jewish-pop Area's Jewish population is up, no mass exodus of younger adults Graph with d3.js
2015-02-18-aca-enrollment St. Louis-area enrollment for health insurance through ACA on an upswing Graph with d3.js
2015-02-11-voter-rolls Since 2004, St. Louis Has Purged 25 Percent Of Its Voters Slopegraph with d3.js
2015-02-10-unions Missouri's Union Membership Drops To Lowest Level in Decades Graph and table
2015-02-06-measles-vax-map Vaccines, Outbreaks, and Personal Choice: Measles by the Numbers Interactive map with leaflet.js
2015-01-22-macks-creek New Cities Added To Attorney General Lawsuit Over Traffic Fines Interactive map with leaflet.js
2015-01-21-hispanics-map Reputation And The Economy Explain Why Latinos In St. Louis Are Comparatively Rare Interactive map with leaflet.js
2015-01-15-homicide-map Six Dead In Violent 13 Hours In St. Louis Interactive map with leaflet.js


Code Live link Description
2014-fireworks Where Are The Fireworks? We Map Options For Viewing On Independence Day Interactive map with Leaflet.js
2014-sinquefield-contributions-record Checking The Score: How Well Did Sinquefield-Backed Candidates Fare? Chart with d3.js
2014-07-08-nga-sites Department of Defense Mapping Agency Announces Six Possible Sites For New Facility Interactive map with Leaflet.js
2014-07-21-transportation-tax By The Numbers: Expect Lots Of Road Work If Transportation Tax Passes Charts with d3.js
2014-08-05-primary-election-results Winners And Losers At A Glance — The Votes County By County Maps and charts with d3.js
2014-08-07-legislators-bbq-consumption BBQ, Branson And Booze: Noteworthy Gifts Missouri Lawmakers Took From Lobbyists This Year Chart with d3.js
2014-08-11-ferguson-map Map Of Events Relating To Michael Brown Shooting Interactive map with Leaflet.js
2014-08-15-ferguson-timeline Ferguson shooting timeline Timeline layout with CSS, interactive map with Leaflet.js
2014-08-26-weird-al-timeline Think You’re Nerdy? Meet Weird Al Yankovic's STL Superfan Interactive slideshow map with Odyssey.js
2014-08-29-map-scores Five Takeaways From Schools' Annual Progress Reports Interactive map with Leaflet.js
2014-09-03-execution Missouri Swore It Wouldn’t Use A Controversial Execution Drug. It Did. Layout with CSS
2014-09-08-execution-timelines When Missouri Has Injected Midazolam Graphic with d3.js
2014-09-24-where-we-stand Report: When It Comes To Racial Disparity, St. Louis Falls Behind Its Peers Interactive graphic with d3.js
2014-10-02-lobbying-cards-tickets Missouri Lawmakers Receive A Lot Of Cardinals Tickets, Snacks From Lobbyists Layout with CSS
201411-stlcounty-election North St. Louis County Carried Stenger Across The Finish Line Interactive maps with Leaflet.js
2014-11-17-women-entrepreneurs Here's Who Is Helping Women Entrepreneurs In St. Louis Interactive graphic with CSS and javascript
2014-12-04-civillian-oversight-board Bill Would Create Long-Awaited Civilian Oversight Board For St. Louis Police Interactive map with Leaflet.js
2014-12-09-mo-executions Missouri Sets Execution Record With 10 In One Year Graphic with d3.js
2014-12-10-hospital-map Decision Nears On St. Elizabeth’s Hospital Move Interactive map with Leaflet.js
2014-12-16-stds St. Louis No. 1 In Nation For Chlamydia, No. 2 For Gonorrhea Graphics with d3.js
2014-12-17-dooley-race For Some, Dooley's Comments On Race, Corruption Hit A Nerve Interactive graphic with d3.js
2014-12-19-night-before-christmas An STLPR Christmas Poetry Quiz Quiz with SlickQuiz.js and Soundcite.js
2014-12-24-berkeley-shooting-map Black 18-Year-Old Shot And Killed In Berkeley After He Allegedly Points Gun At Officer Interactive map with Leaflet.js
ferguson-basics Ferguson By The Numbers Graphics with d3.js
ferguson-story-map Ferguson When And Where: An Audio Map Interactive slideshow map with Odyssey.js and Soundcite.js
stl-250-cakes-map Amy Page Found All 251 Cakes, And So Can You Interactive map with Leaflet.js and d3.js