Arduino library to support multi-functional expansion board based on operational amplifiers
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Multifunctional expansion board based on operational amplifiers. The X-NUCLEO-IKA01A1 is a multifunctional expansion board based on STMicroelectronics operational amplifiers. It provides an affordable and easy-to-use solution for various use cases with your STM32 Nucleo board. The X-NUCLEO-IKA01A1 is compatible with the Arduino™ UNO R3 connector, and supports the addition of other boards that can be stacked for enhanced applications with an STM32 Nucleo board. It can be used as an analog front-end by conditioning signals as actuator to drive LEDs or coils, or in a comparator architecture. Thanks to its current-sensing configuration, it allows current measurement of any device that has a Micro-USB port. A highly accurate TSZ124 Micropower operational amplifier is used for this configuration as well as for that of the instrumentation amplifier. The expansion board also contains a TSU104 Nanopower op-amp and a TSV734 Micropower op-amp for mobile applications.

Key Features:

  • 7 predefined configurations:
  • Instrumentation amplifier structure
  • Current sensing with or without USB
  • Photodiode/ultraviolet (UV) current sensing
  • Buffer
  • Full wave rectifier
  • Constant current LED driver
  • Window comparator
  • One prototyping area
  • Compatible with STM32 Nucleo boards
  • Comprehensive free development firmware library (X-CUBE-ANALOG1)
  • Powered through the Arduino UNO connectors
  • RoHS compliant


  • X_NUCLEO_IKA01A1_HelloWorld: This application provides a simple example of usage of the X-NUCLEO-IKA01A1


You can find the source files at

The TSU104 datasheet is available at

The TSV734 datasheet is available at