OpenFrameworks-addon to embed OpenFrameworks into OpenSceneGraph
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ofxOpenSceneGraph ReadMe


this small add-on helps OpenFrameworks-code to live side by side with OpenSceneGraph.


Install (OS X only for the moment, should work with linux/win32, too)

  • download, configure and install OpenFrameworks
  • download and copy this addon into OpenFramworks/addons
  • download, configure and install OpenSceneGraph
    • use cmake with the following options: /usr/bin/cmake -G Xcode \ -D OSG_BUILD_FRAMEWORKS:BOOL=1 \ -D OSG_WINDOWING_SYSTEM:STRING=Cocoa \ -D OSG_BUILD_PLATFORM_IPHONE:BOOL=0 \ -D CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES:STRING=i386 \ -D CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT:STRING=/Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.5.sdk .
    • open the xcode-project, build all targets and run the install-target (the run-part is essential!)
  • Move the compiled frameworks from OpenSceneGraph to openFrameworks/addons/ofxOpenSceneGraph/lib/osx/frameworks
  • Move all plugins from OpenSceneGraph to openFrameworks/addons/ofxOpenSceneGraph/lib/osx/plugins
  • Open one of the examples and try to build and run it.

How it works

ofxOpenSceneGraph provides a customized ofAppBaseWindow-class which

  • creates an osgViewer::CompositeViewer
  • creates an osgViewer::View and register it
  • creates an event-handler to forward events from OpenSceneGraph to OpenFrameworks
  • creates a CameraPreDrawCallback which calls the draw-function of the OpenFrameworks-app.
  • runs the run-loop and calls the update-function of the OpenFrameworks-app.

There's even a ofxOsgApp-class, so you can get the composite-viewer and view from your app-code. Just inherit from ofBaseApp and ofxOsgApp

class myApp : public ofBaseApp, public ofxOsgApp {



  • the OpenFrameworks-draw-routine is called before any drawing is done by OpenSceneGraph. Future versions may implement a postDraw-function which get called after all osg-related drawing.
  • the current implementation does funky things when destroying the app-instance, as some OpenFrameworks-objects need an active OpenGL-context when they get destroyed.
  • osg's multi-threaded rendering is disabled, as the update and draw-routines of the framework-app may overlap.

Have fun,

Stephan ( me at )