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"Ctags is a programming tool that generates an index (or tag) file of names found in source and header files of various programming languages. Depending on the language, functions, variables, class members, macros and so on may be indexed. These tags allow definitions to be quickly and easily located by a text editor or other utility." -- Wikipedia


'p6tags' generates ctags for perl6 to allow tags use within editors such as vim and Atom.

When run without arguments it generates a "tags" file in the current directory after parsing perl6 files underneath.

I've mainly tested within vim using Universal Ctags (an actively maintained fork of Exuberant Ctags).

Pull requests welcome.

Vim's "Tag List Plugin"

Users of the vim "Tag List" plugin by Yegappan Lakshmanan will currently have to alter the following files to successfully display the structure of perl6 files using it.

  • patch your "taglist.vim" with "taglist.vim.patch" to be perl6 aware

(or use

  • copy the included "dot-ctags" to ~/.ctags to add very basic perl6 support to ctags(1)

note linux distros probably ship different versions of ctags(1)

Note proper perl6 support for universal ctags is in progress by dtikhonov (github)

-- 20150624