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3 title: My Arch Experience
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6 Arch Linux is a rolling release distro whose main purpose is to be simple. So simple in fact that you have to install everything from scratch, even the desktop environment. This allows you to be left with a system that has no bloat whatsoever. Everything you need is installed by you and nothing is installed for you.
8 The bad part? It has a freaking tedious install process which will scare off majority of people from its sheer complexity.
10 So, what's good? Being a rolling release distro means that there are no major updates. Ever. There are no service packs, or no new OS releases every 6 months or a year. Instead, arch updates its repos just as a new version of a package is released. When you update your system, it will pull the new updated package. I feel that their community is the also the best for any operating system. They have a wiki which has basically everything you need to know to get anything working in arch. If you cannot find a solution in the wiki, the forums are full of friendly people and it is just a few clicks away.
12 I converted to Arch from BackTrack. I installed BT to have try out some pen testing tools. However, BT is not meant to be used as a daily operating system and it could be very vulnerable to attacks as everything is ran as root. If anyone has access to your bt system, they would have complete control over the box. This is a big security risk. BT will still be used but only for penetration testing as it is currently sitting in a flash drive.
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