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Google Translate wrapper for Python
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# Author: Rogério Carvalho Schneider <>
# URL:

Translates text and returns resulting sentences from Google Translate.

- Install
    pip install pytranslate

    easy_install pytranslate

    wget --no-check-certificate -O pytranslate.tar.gz
    tar xzvf pytranslate.tar.gz
    cd stockrt-pytranslate*
    ./ install

- Usage
    import pytranslate

    print pytranslate.translate('hello', sl='english', tl='portuguese')
    print pytranslate.translate('olá', sl='portuguese', tl='english')
    print pytranslate.translate('hello', sl='auto', tl='portuguese')
    print pytranslate.translate('olá', sl='auto', tl='english')
    print pytranslate.translate('hallo', sl='auto', tl='portuguese')
    print pytranslate.translate('hallo', sl='auto', tl='french')
    print pytranslate.translate('bonjour', sl='auto', tl='dutch')
    print pytranslate.translate('olá meu velho amigo', sl='auto', tl='english')
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