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VirtualBox Machines Control init script
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# Author: Rogério Carvalho Schneider <>
# URL:

VirtualBox Machines Control init script

Usage: ./vboxctl {start|startall|stop|stopall|poweroff|poweroffall|reset|resetall|open|openall|startvm <vmname>|stopvm <vmname>|poweroffvm <vmname>|resetvm <vmname>|openvm <vmname>|status}

With this init script you will be able to control your VMs with the following

- start
Start all configured VMs in /etc/vbox/vbox.cfg

- startall
Start all VMs

- stop
Stop (grace) all configured VMs in /etc/vbox/vbox.cfg

- stopall
Stop (grace) all running VMs

- poweroff
Power off (force) all configured VMs in /etc/vbox/vbox.cfg

- poweroffall
Power off (force) all running VMs

- reset
Reset (reboot) all configured VMs in /etc/vbox/vbox.cfg

- resetall
Reset (reboot) all running VMs

- open
Open GUI for all configured VMs in /etc/vbox/vbox.cfg

- openall
Open GUI for all running VMs

- startvm <vmname>
Start one specific VM

- stopvm <vmname>
Stop one specifc VM

- poweroffvm <vmname>
Power off one specific VM

- resetvm <vmname>
Reset (reboot) one specific VM

- openvm <vmname>
Open GUI for one specific VM

- status
Show which VMs are running

In order to use this initscript you will need to configure
/etc/vbox/vbox.cfg like this:
 MACHINES="fedora01 centos01 freebsd7 windows-xp"
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