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A curated list of awesome functional reactive programming stuff in js
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Awesome FRP JS

A curated list of awesome (functional) reactive programming stuff in js

Inspired by the awesome list thing.


  • RxJS - The Reactive Extensions for JavaScript
  • Lell - Reactive State with no boilerplate. Init and subscribe! Built on Rx
  • bacon.js - A small functional reactive programming lib for JavaScript.
  • Highland - The high-level streams library for Node.js and the browser.
  • radioactive - The Missing Native Functional Reactive API for Javascript
  • cycle - An honestly reactive framework for web user interfaces
  • most - Monadic streams for reactive programming
  • Kefir - Inspired by Bacon.js and RxJS with focus on high performance and low memory consumption.
  • flyd - The minimalistic but powerful, modular, functional reactive programming library in JavaScript
  • basic-streams - Experimental very basic reactive streams implementation for JavaScript, with Fantasy Land wrapper



  • gtor - A General Theory of Reactivity
  • learnrx - Functional Programming in Javascript
  • introrx - The introduction to Reactive Programming you've been missing
  • Rx marbles - Interactive diagrams of Rx Observables
  • implementing snake in bacon.js - Practical introduction to FRP
  • Rx book - The most in-depth journey to RxJS you can imagine – live examples and stuff


  • elm - The best of functional programming in your browser

* – Languages with FRP built in. To land in this list they must compile to JavaScript and play well within a JS app.

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