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Modules for VCV Rack
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The PackOne plugin pack gives you a some utility modules for VCV Rack.

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  • 8FACE: preset sequencer for eight presets of any module as an universal expander
  • BOLT: polyphonic CV-modulateable boolean functions
  • CV-MAP: control 32 knobs/sliders/switches of any module by CV even when the module has no CV input
  • CV-PAM: generate CV voltage by observing 32 knobs/sliders/switches of any module
  • INFIX: insert for polyphonic cables
  • µMAP: a single instance of CV-MAP's slots with attenuverters
  • MIDI-CAT: map parameters to midi controllers similar to MIDI-MAP with midi feedback and note mapping
  • ReMOVE Lite: a recorder for knob/slider/switch-automation
  • ROTOR Model A: spread a carrier signal across 2-16 output channels using CV
  • STRIP: manage a group of modules in a patch, providing load, save as, disable and randomize

Stable versions are released in the VCV Library.

Feel free to contact me or create a GitHub issue if you have any problems or questions! If you like my modules consider donating to Thanks for your support!


Follow the build instructions for VCV Rack.


Copyright © 2019 Benjamin Dill

Licensed under the GNU Public License, version 3.

The panel graphics in the res and res-src directories are licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. You may not create modified adaptations of these graphics.

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