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Is a client for the Nakadi event broker written in and for Go. the package provides convenient access to many features of Nakadi's API.

The package can be used to manage event type definitions. The EventAPI can be used to inspect existing event types and allows further to create new event types and to update existing ones. The SubscriptionAPI provides subscription management: existing subscriptions can be fetched from Nakadi and of course it is also possible to create new ones. The PublishAPI of this library is used to broadcast event types of all event type categories via Nakadi. Last but not least, the package also implements a StreamAPI, which enables event processing on top of Nakadi's subscription based high level API.

To make the communication with Nakadi more resilient all sub APIs of this package can be configured to retry failed requests using an exponential back-off algorithm. Please consult the package documentation for further details.

Versions and stability

This package can be considered stable and ready to use. All releases follow the rules of semantic versioning.

Although the master branch is supposed to remain stable, there is no guarantee that braking changes will not be merged into master when major versions are released. Therefore, the repository contains version tags in order to support go modules properly. The tag names follow common conventions and have the following format v1.0.0.


Build dependencies


Test dependencies


Run unit and integration tests

In oder to run the unit and integration tests all of the above dependencies must be installed. Furthermore, these tests require a running Nakadi instance on the local computer.

To run all tests invoke the following command within the go-nakadi root directory:

go test -tags=integration .


This project is open source and published under the MIT license.