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The package go-week provides a simple data type representing a week date as defined by ISO 8601.

Versions and stability

This package can be considered stable and ready to use. All releases follow the rules of semantic versioning.

Although the master branch is supposed to remain stable, there is not guarantee that braking changes will not be merged into master when major versions are released. Therefore the repository contains version tags in order to support vendoring tools. The tag names follow common conventions and have the following format v1.0.0. This package supports Go modules introduced with version 1.11.


Build dependencies


Test dependencies

  • (integration tests only)

Run unit and integration tests

To run the code analysis and tests, use the following commands:

golangci-lint run -v --config .golangci.yml ./...

# without integration tests
go test ./...

# with integration tests (requires test db)
go test -tags=integration ./...


This project is open source an published under the MIT license.