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Added a message about XML mapping in the doc

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@@ -18,12 +18,22 @@ DoctrineExtensions's features
property change.
- Loggable - tracks your record changes and is able to manage versions.
-All these extensions can be nested together. And most allready use only
+All these extensions can be nested together. And most already use only
annotations without interface requirement to not to aggregate the
entity itself and has implemented proper caching for metadata.
See the official blog_ for more details.
+As the DoctrineExtensions library does not provide an XML driver, you
+have to use either annotations or YAML for your mapping.
+Setting a ``DriverChain`` implementation to load only the gedmo mapping
+from annotations or YAML and the standard mapping from XML would require
+hacking the way the ORM is configured by DoctrineBundle so it will never
+be done in the bundle.
l3pp4rd added a note May 7, 2011

Have you checked if it is possible to make xml mapping driver for extensions? I think the main issue is xsd validation. This way we would need to force user to specify different validation schema which would need to be synchronized with doctrine changes. Or am I missing something?

stof added a note May 7, 2011

No, I haven't worked on it yet.
I think that a solution for XSD would be to change the doctrine XSD to accept attributes from other namespaces. But then, I don't know how the driver should be implemented. I haven't looked at how Doctrine loads the metadata.

l3pp4rd added a note May 7, 2011

Driver is easy, main problem is XSD. I would have to host it also, and ensure its availability, maybe I will have a look since it causes some issues.

stof added a note May 7, 2011

Hosting it is only necessary for IDE autocompletion. For the validation, a local XSD file is used. And for the first implementation, it may even be possible not to use an XSD file by skipping the validation.
and for the Doctrine XSD, my idea would be to do a pull request on Doctrine as other Doctrine extensions would face the same issue.

l3pp4rd added a note May 7, 2011

yes, that sounds reasonable

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@@ -71,6 +81,10 @@ Add DoctrineExtensionsBundle to your application kernel
Add DoctrineExtensionsBundle to your mapping
+.. note::
+ This is not needed if you use the auto_mapping setting.
See the official documentation_ for details.
for ORM::
@@ -90,7 +104,7 @@ or for MongoDB ODM::
StofDoctrineExtensionsBundle: ~
# ... your others bundle
-.. Note::
+.. note::
This is only necessary if you want to use the Translatable behavior.
@@ -225,7 +239,7 @@ or in XML::
Same is available for MongoDB using ``document-manager`` in the XML
files instead of ``entity-manager``.
-.. Caution::
+.. caution::
If you configure the listeners of an entity manager in several
config file the last one will be used. So you have to list all the

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