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1.0.0-alpha8 (2014-01-06)

  • Break: The install command now has --dev enabled by default. --no-dev can be used to install without dev requirements
  • Added composer-plugin package type to allow extensibility, and deprecated composer-installer
  • Added psr-4 autoloading support and deprecated target-dir since it is a better alternative
  • Added --no-plugins flag to replace --no-custom-installers where available
  • Added global command to operate Composer in a user-global directory
  • Added licenses command to list the license of all your dependencies
  • Added pre-status-cmd and post-status-cmd script events to the status command
  • Added post-root-package-install and post-create-project-cmd script events to the create-project command
  • Added pre-autoload-dump script event
  • Added --rollback flag to self-update
  • Added --no-install flag to create-project to skip installing the dependencies
  • Added a hhvm platform package to require Facebook's HHVM implementation of PHP
  • Added github-domains config option to allow using GitHub Enterprise with Composer's GitHub support
  • Added prepend-autoloader config option to allow appending Composer's autoloader instead of the default prepend behavior
  • Added Perforce support to the VCS repository
  • Added a vendor/composer/autoload_files.php file that lists all files being included by the files autoloader
  • Added support for the no_proxy env var and other proxy support improvements
  • Added many robustness tweaks to make sure zip downloads work more consistently and corrupted caches are invalidated
  • Added the release date to composer -V output
  • Added autoloader-suffix config option to allow overriding the randomly generated autoloader class suffix
  • Fixed BitBucket API usage
  • Fixed parsing of inferred stability flags that are more stable than the minimum stability
  • Fixed installation order of plugins/custom installers
  • Fixed tilde and wildcard version constraints to be more intuitive regarding stabilities
  • Fixed handling of target-dir changes when updating packages
  • Improved performance of the class loader
  • Improved memory usage and performance of solving dependencies
  • Tons of minor bug fixes and improvements

1.0.0-alpha7 (2013-05-04)

  • Break: For forward compatibility, you should change your deployment scripts to run composer install --no-dev. The install command will install dev dependencies by default starting in the next release
  • Break: The update command now has --dev enabled by default. --no-dev can be used to update without dev requirements, but it will create an incomplete lock file and is discouraged
  • Break: Removed support for lock files created before 2012-09-15 due to their outdated unusable format
  • Added prefer-stable flag to pick stable packages over unstable ones when possible
  • Added preferred-install config option to always enable --prefer-source or --prefer-dist
  • Added diagnose command to to system/network checks and find common problems
  • Added wildcard support in the update whitelist, e.g. to update all packages of a vendor do composer update vendor/*
  • Added archive command to archive the current directory or a given package
  • Added run-script command to manually trigger scripts
  • Added proprietary as valid license identifier for non-free code
  • Added a php-64bit platform package that you can require to force a 64bit php
  • Added a lib-ICU platform package
  • Added a new official package type project for project-bootstrapping packages
  • Added zip/dist local cache to speed up repetitive installations
  • Added post-autoload-dump script event
  • Added Event::getDevMode to let script handlers know if dev requirements are being installed
  • Added discard-changes config option to control the default behavior when updating "dirty" dependencies
  • Added use-include-path config option to make the autoloader look for files in the include path too
  • Added cache-ttl, cache-files-ttl and cache-files-maxsize config option
  • Added cache-dir, cache-files-dir, cache-repo-dir and cache-vcs-dir config option
  • Added support for using http(s) authentication to non-github repos
  • Added support for using multiple autoloaders at once (e.g. PHPUnit + application both using Composer autoloader)
  • Added support for .inc files for classmap autoloading (legacy support, do not do this on new projects!)
  • Added support for version constraints in show command, e.g. composer show monolog/monolog 1.4.*
  • Added support for svn repositories containing packages in a deeper path (see package-path option)
  • Added an artifact repository to scan a directory containing zipped packages
  • Added --no-dev flag to install and update commands
  • Added --stability (-s) flag to create-project to lower the required stability
  • Added --no-progress to install and update to hide the progress indicators
  • Added --available (-a) flag to the show command to display only available packages
  • Added --name-only (-N) flag to the show command to show only package names (one per line, no formatting)
  • Added --optimize-autoloader (-o) flag to optimize the autoloader from the install and update commands
  • Added -vv and -vvv flags to get more verbose output, can be useful to debug some issues
  • Added COMPOSER_NO_INTERACTION env var to do the equivalent of --no-interaction (should be set on build boxes, CI, PaaS)
  • Added PHP 5.2 compatibility to the autoloader configuration files so they can be used to configure another autoloader
  • Fixed handling of platform requirements of the root package when installing from lock
  • Fixed handling of require-dev dependencies
  • Fixed handling of unstable packages that should be downgraded to stable packages when updating to new version constraints
  • Fixed parsing of the ~ operator combined with unstable versions
  • Fixed the require command corrupting the json if the new requirement was invalid
  • Fixed support of aliases used together with <version>#<reference> constraints
  • Improved output of dependency solver problems by grouping versions of a package together
  • Improved performance of classmap generation
  • Improved mercurial support in various places
  • Improved lock file format to minimize unnecessary diffs
  • Improved the config command to support all options
  • Improved the coverage of the validate command
  • Tons of minor bug fixes and improvements

1.0.0-alpha6 (2012-10-23)

  • Schema: Added ability to pass additional options to repositories (i.e. ssh keys/client certificates to secure private repos)
  • Schema: Added a new ~ operator that should be prefered over >=, see
  • Schema: Version constraints <x.y are assumed to be <x.y-dev unless specified as <x.y-stable to reduce confusion
  • Added config command to edit/list config values, including --global switch for system config
  • Added OAuth token support for the GitHub API
  • Added ability to specify CLI commands as scripts in addition to PHP callbacks
  • Added --prefer-dist flag to force installs of dev packages from zip archives instead of clones
  • Added --working-dir (-d) flag to change the working directory
  • Added --profile flag to all commands to display execution time and memory usage
  • Added github-protocols config key to define the order of prefered protocols for clones
  • Added ability to interactively reset changes to vendor dirs while updating
  • Added support for hg bookmarks in the hg driver
  • Added support for svn repositories not following the standard trunk/branch/tags scheme
  • Fixed git clones of dev versions so that you end up on a branch and not in detached HEAD
  • Fixed "Package not installed" issues with --dev installs
  • Fixed the lock file format to be a snapshot of all the package info at the time of update
  • Fixed order of autoload requires to follow package dependencies
  • Fixed rename() failures with "Access denied" on windows
  • Improved memory usage to be more reasonable and not grow with the repository size
  • Improved performance and memory usage of installs from composer.lock
  • Improved performance of a few essential code paths
  • Many bug small fixes and docs improvements

1.0.0-alpha5 (2012-08-18)

  • Added dump-autoload command to only regenerate the autoloader
  • Added --optimize to dump-autoload to generate a more performant classmap-based autoloader for production
  • Added status command to show if any source-installed dependency has local changes, use --verbose to see changed files
  • Added --verbose flag to install and update that shows the new commits when updating source-installed dependencies
  • Added --no-update flag to require to only modify the composer.json file but skip the update
  • Added --no-custom-installers and --no-scripts to install, update and create-project to prevent all automatic code execution
  • Added support for installing archives that contain only a single file
  • Fixed APC related issues in the autoload script on high load websites
  • Fixed installation of branches containing capital letters
  • Fixed installation of custom dev versions/branches
  • Improved the coverage of the validate command
  • Improved PEAR scripts/binaries support
  • Improved and fixed the output of various commands
  • Improved error reporting on network failures and some other edge cases
  • Various minor bug fixes and docs improvements

1.0.0-alpha4 (2012-07-04)

  • Break: The default minimum-stability is now stable, read more
  • Break: Custom installers now receive the IO instance and a Composer instance in their constructor
  • Schema: Added references for dev versions, requiring dev-master#abcdef for example will force the abcdef commit
  • Schema: Added support key with some more metadata (email, issues, forum, wiki, irc, source)
  • Schema: Added != operator for version constraints in require/require-dev
  • Added a recommendation for package names to be lower-cased/with-dashes, it will be enforced for new packages on Pacakgist
  • Added require command to add a package to your requirements and install it
  • Added a whitelist to update. Calling composer update foo/bar foo/baz allows you to update only those packages
  • Added support for overriding repositories in the system config (define repositories in ~/.composer/config.json)
  • Added lib-* packages to the platform repository, e.g. lib-pcre contains the pcre version
  • Added caching of GitHub metadata (faster startup time with custom GitHub VCS repos)
  • Added caching of SVN metadata (faster startup time with custom SVN VCS repos)
  • Added support for file:// URLs to GitDriver
  • Added --self flag to the show command to display the infos of the root package
  • Added --dev flag to create-project command
  • Added --no-scripts to install and update commands to avoid triggering the scripts
  • Added COMPOSER_ROOT_VERSION env var to specify the version of the root package (fixes some edge cases)
  • Added support for multiple custom installers in one package
  • Added files autoloading method which requires files on every request, e.g. to load functional code
  • Added automatic recovery for lock files that contain references to rewritten (force pushed) commits
  • Improved PEAR repositories support and package.xml extraction
  • Improved and fixed the output of various commands
  • Fixed the order of installation of requirements (they are always installed before the packages requiring them)
  • Cleaned up / refactored the dependency solver code as well as the output for unsolvable requirements
  • Various bug fixes and docs improvements

1.0.0-alpha3 (2012-05-13)

  • Schema: Added require-dev for development-time requirements (tests, etc), install with --dev
  • Schema: Added author.role to list the author's role in the project
  • Schema: Added minimum-stability + @<stability> flags in require for restricting packages to a certain stability
  • Schema: Removed recommend
  • Schema: suggest is now informational and can use any description for a package, not only a constraint
  • Break: vendor/.composer/autoload.php has been moved to vendor/autoload.php, other files are now in vendor/composer/
  • Added caching of repository metadata (faster startup times & failover if packagist is down)
  • Added removal of packages that are not needed anymore
  • Added include_path support for legacy projects that are full of require_once statements
  • Added installation notifications API to allow better statistics on Composer repositories
  • Added support for proxies that require authentication
  • Added support for private github repositories over https
  • Added autoloading support for root packages that use target-dir
  • Added awareness of the root package presence and support for it's provide/replace/conflict keys
  • Added IOInterface::isDecorated to test for colored output support
  • Added validation of licenses based on the SPDX registry
  • Improved repository protocol to have large cacheable parts
  • Fixed various bugs relating to package aliasing, proxy configuration, binaries
  • Various bug fixes and docs improvements

1.0.0-alpha2 (2012-04-03)

  • Added create-project command to install a project from scratch with composer
  • Added automated classmap autoloading support for non-PSR-0 compliant projects
  • Added human readable error reporting when deps can not be solved
  • Added support for private GitHub and SVN repositories (use --no-interaction for CI)
  • Added "file" downloader type to download plain files
  • Added support for authentication with svn repositories
  • Added autoload support for PEAR repositories
  • Improved clones from GitHub which now automatically select between git/https/http protocols
  • Improved validate command to give more feedback
  • Improved the search & show commands output
  • Removed dependency on filter_var
  • Various robustness & error handling improvements, docs fixes and more bug fixes

1.0.0-alpha1 (2012-03-01)

  • Initial release
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