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aud.i-o attempts to bring streaming audio input devices to JavaScript in a fashion compatible with the Web Audio API [ ]. If/When streaming audio I/O is standardised, this will behave as a polyfill to bring functionality to non-supporting browsers (via the currently-used Flash fallback, perhaps Java or Silverlight).
Currently in an embryonic stage - I don't have a browser with working a Web Audio implementation, so integration is not attempted. Furthermore, the API is far from clean, and overall is more of a 'spike' to prove the concept.
In short, don't use this just yet. :p
Alongside the main focus of development - aud.i-o.js - is an example page which renders waveforms, and performs predictive/quantizing/lossy audio compression/decompression. This is just a demo, and might eventually be split off into another project, if browser audio APIs don't end up providing an audio compression output node for sending data over the network.