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BetBlock is a Chrome extension to hide gambling-related content from AFL-related sites.

What gets blocked?

Only gambling content gets blocked. This is not a general ad blocker - advertising is a common revenue source for many web sites, and without them the sites wouldn't be able to operate. The AFL, however, is a family-oriented game in which betting has no place. With that in mind, this extension aims to block gambling/betting content (whether sponsored or not).

What stage is it at?

Early stages. Please contribute! If you know CSS and are able to add more blocks to an already-configured site, and/or you can look at the manifest.json file and figure out how to add other sites, then go for it and add what you think is necessary.

Is tipping blocked?

No. Tipping (where money isn't placed) is not the intended target for this plugin. Tipping sites would have their odds component hidden, however.