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Wish you were here:
Location: event venue + GPS
Interface A:
You are here: (nope)
| | GPS'd
Who's Playing:
| | Auto-fills with closest-playing song
What's Playing:
| | Auto-fills
|Bootleg it| Soudio API - post. Legal?
Interface B:
Here's What you're missing at:
| |
| |
Bootleg along
Listen along
Buy the playlist
location-based sound recording API Shoudio
music search API linking to... Echonest
music licensing+download/stream 7digital
step 1: create echonest playlists from inside
- Location - A) Completely ad-hoc
B) SELECTED, Completed
- playlist - A) Roll-your-own in couch, SELECTED, COMPLETED
B) dunno
- UI
step 2: load echonest playlists from outside DONE
step 3: play 7digital samples from outside DONE
step 4: buy 7digital tracks
- basket: create on playlist creation
on update, check last track for 7digital ID, add if present
node.js xml parsing
DEFERRED - echonest<->7digital id mismatches
step 5: websocket it
step 6: bootleg it - shoudio upload (webkit sound API, WAV)
step 7: bootleg play
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