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+The Benevolent Dictator
+## Isaac Z Schlueter
+* Domain module - bundle failable things/event emitters into domains.
+* npm-www
+* Packages by year: 0 -> 1800 -> 12000
+* Too many duplicate modules being created due to oral tradition of package publicising
+* v0.9:
+** HTTP: "I can't believe that humans have selected this thing"
+** "You should be putting node in front of NGINX, not the other way around!"
+* Keep the core stable, push innovation out to the community
+* v1.0
+** Not sure what that means yet
+** version numbers == marketing
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The Yammer Story
-## Matthew Whatshisname
+## Matthew Whatshisname @mde
* MSFT bought Yammer for $1.2B!! Node core to success
* Started small. Wrote a build server/script in node
* Step 2: file upload streaming. Similar to early experiences from Ryan
* Step 3: build a developer website, connect to an API
* The time taken to 'do it right' in any given platform, favours node
+* easy to do small iterations - minimum viable product at its minimal-est.
+* "We're rewriting everything with node!!!11!1!1one!1!2!!" - bad sign
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