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So. It has come to this. Fork me, biatches!
+###Your code is awful and you suck.
+That's not a question, but okay. I acknowledge that this code is awful, and as
+a high school kid learning programming, I sucked at many things. But that's
+where you can help! You could help fix one of many things:
+* The styling
+* The code formatting
+* The absent DOCTYPE
+* The strange XML-ish intermediary format
+* The typographical errors
+* The missing content
+* The sometimes awkward phrases (though this is supposed to be *fun*, y'know)
+###What can I do to it?
+Whatever you want, within the License.
+###What are you going to do?
+I will continue to host the site. I will obviously security review the code
+before publishing. I may contribute to any of the aforementioned things that
+need fixing. However, it's been years (and dozens of ignored emails) since
+I've touched this, so if yesterday's weather holds true, well, you know what
+to expect.

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