Cataclysm: Looming Darkness
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Cataclysm: Looming Darkness

A multiplayer re-imagining of Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead.

Currently the pre-release of the client and server is available for download. We are currently reworking the client to use pyglet and glooey as pygame was not working for our needs.

Made with python 3.7.0 64 bit and pyglet+glooey using Mastermind for the TCP backend.


Generic installation instructions

  • install python 3.4+
  • install pip3 - if on windows:
  • open a command shell and goto the Cataclysm:LD folder you downloaded and unzipped it to.
  • pip install pyglet glooey

Running a server

  • python3 ./ [--host Host] [--port Port], Host and Port are optional (defaults are localhost:6317)

Running a client

  • python3 ./ [--host Host] [--port Port], where Host and Port are those of the server. By default Host is localhost and Port is 6317, so it's safe to omit them if you are running server locally.