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Low poly font (plus rendering system.) Uses triangles not textures, for always sharp edges.

Sample use of font

The Font

Dutch-Blunt is both the name of the minimalistic font that I created, and its rendering API. The font was created with the following criteria:

  • Rendered as pure triangles as opposed to curves, textures, or lines.
  • Low polygon (triangle) count for each glyph.
  • ASCII only (characters 33 to 127 inclusive.)


The font was created in Wings3D and exported to Wavefront OBJ. Dutch-Blunt comes with a python script that will read the wavefront OBJ file and create C-source code. The glyph data containst glyph widths, the triangle vertices, the vertex count, and an offset into a global vertex data set.

A C interface is provided to convert an ASCII string into triangle vertices that can be fed into e.g. OpenGL.

 * Convert an ascii string to a stream of vertex data.
 * Returns the number of triangles(x,y,x,y,x,y) written to the buffer.
int dblunt_string_to_vertices
        const char* str,                //!< characters to render.
        float* destbuf,                 //!< output buffer to hold vertices.
        int destbufsz,                  //!< size of output buffer in bytes.
        float posx, float posy,         //!< target position for text render.
        float sclx, float scly,         //!< scale of the text render.
	float fadestart,		//!< if >=0, start fading out at this character number and write opactities.
        int* textw,                     //!< out: width of longest line.
        int* texth                      //!< out: height of text.

The License

The Dutch-Blunt font, and its supporting software is (c)2015 by Abraham Stolk.

The font 'Dutch-Blunt' is licensed under the SIL OPEN FONT LICENSE.

The API and conversion script is licensed under the Apache License 2.0


Low poly font rendering system. Uses triangles not textures, for always sharp edges.






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