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My default setup for new Node projects
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Starting Out

Things to install

Setting up the repo

  • Create new repo on Github
  • Clone it down, git clone
  • Create a new app at Heroku
  • Add it to your repo, git remote add heroku
  • git push origin master updates your github repo
  • git push origin heroku deploys your app to Heroku

Getting Configured

  • Run npm init to setup your packages.json. Fill out whatever you like, but we're using app.js as the entry point
  • Pull in needed Node packages.
    • npm install ejs --save
    • npm install express --save
    • npm install mongodb --save
    • npm install mongoose --save
    • npm install underscore --save
  • Add MongoDB to your project. heroku addons:add mongohq
  • Copy in modules, public, views, app.js, and Procfile

Run your App

  • node app.js will start your server listening on port 5000
  • Go to localhost:5000 to see your app in action.
  • To see changes in server-side code, you'll you'll need to restart the server. ctrl+C + node app.js
  • To see changes in client-side code, just refresh the web page

Structure Explained

Server Side

  • modules - Where all your server side JS is kept.
  • modules/models - DB models here. Include in a schema, statics, and methods
  • modules/middleware.js - Middleware is code that's ran within an async stack. Things like: request -> [load user -> is user admin?] -> return page. Middleware is in the brackets.
  • node_modules - Code for the node packages we pulled in using npm are stored here. Don't touch.
  • app.js - Our heart of our apllication. Setups up our server and declares any resources we need.
  • package.json - Machine readable description of our project. Let's Heroku know what it should do with the project.
  • Procfile - Command(s) that Heroku will run when it spins up a dyno.

Client Side

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