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2016-11-22: 0.9.1 -- Moved to Qt5 library.
-- Minor fixes.
-- Added snapcraft.yaml to allow building qcomicbook snap.
2011-05-30: 0.9.0 -- dramatic improvement in responsiveness and performance, thanks to delegating
image transformations to separate thread.
-- migrated internally to QGraphicsView
-- implemented Zoom Lens.
-- fixed memory leak when using small cursor.
-- various bugfixes related to Continuous view mode.
2011-10-10: 0.8.2 -- fixed crash on scroll actions when using Simple View and no comicbook is loaded.
2011-07-08: 0.8.1 -- removed thick border around scroll area widget.
-- fixed compilation errors on some systems (such as Ubuntu) caused by conflict with Page.h
from libpoppler.
2011-07-02: 0.8.0 -- implemented PDF support; requires libpoppler-qt4.
-- don't report that unrar-free was detected if neither unrar nor unrar-free was installed.
2010-12-11: 0.7.2 -- added German translation.
-- added .cb7 (p7zip) to the list of supported file
2010-11-25: 0.7.1 -- fixed background color display bug in the Configuration Dialog.
-- fixed Ukrainian translation -- missing translation in
Donation Dialog.
-- added Czech translation.
2010-11-15: 0.7.0 -- added hints (warning, information) to System information dialog; display warning if free unrar is used.
-- added 'Cleanup list' option to Recently opened files menu.
-- added Dutch, Korean, Russian and Simplified Chinese translations.
-- added 'About donations' and 'About Qt' help menu items.
-- added experimental 'Frame View' mode for frame-by-frame reading.
-- added preliminary support for printing.
-- fixed bug with 'Open Next' disabled on first comic book archive in the directory
-- Qt >= 4.5.0 is now required.
2010-07-23: 0.6.0 -- use standard directories for cache and bookmarks file (e.g ~/.local/share/data and ~/.cache) obtained
from QDesktopServices. Qt >= 4.4.0 is now required.
-- added support for translations. Brazilian Portuguese, Finnish, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish and
Ukrainian translations added.
-- active web page and email links in 'About' dialog.
-- shorten path names in 'Recently opened' menu.
-- fixed regression: display image size info in statusbar.
-- minor fixes for better portability; QComicBook should now compile and work (with limitations) on Windows.
-- cmake build fix: make it possible to compile the program outside of the source directory.
2009-11-29: 0.5.0 -- implemented true continuous viewing mode. 'Continuous scrolling' option moved to 'View' menu.
-- removed 'Forward two pages in two pages mode' option.
-- cmake-based build system (replaces autoconf/automake).
-- all windows/dialogs implemented via QtDesigner's .ui files and handled by uic.
-- icons and splash screen are now handled by Qt resources system and compiled-in in the resulting
qcomicbook executable. These files are no longer installed into share/data/qcomicbook directory.
-- new, improved 'System Information' dialog.
-- new splash screen (courtesy of Adam Mateja).
-- fixed splash screen showing.
-- lots of internal and architectural changes.
2009-09-16: 0.4.4 -- fixed bug in subdirectories handling that resulted in missing images
2009-09-04: 0.4.3 -- fixed bug with p7zip archiver detection that could result in crash when opening .7z archives
2009-09-02: 0.4.2 -- fixed compilation warnings (no return values in two methods)
-- fixed compilation problems due to hardcoded moc-qt4 name
-- added option to embed page numbers on displayed page
-- properly clear empty ereas when displaying 2 pages of different size
-- removed duplicated code in bookmarks handling
-- removed bnv_have_qt as it was no longer really used
2009-08-11: 0.4.1 -- fixed freezing when unpacking some archives (in particular zip)
-- fixed crash when opening archives via 'Recently opened' menu
-- thumbnails are now saved with sha1-hashed file names
-- updated autoconf bnv_have_qt macro
-- QComicBook requires Qt>=4.3.0 now
-- internal cleanups
2007-11-05: 0.4.0 -- ported to Qt4
-- Imlib2 library is (temporarily) removed
-- added support for nested cbr archives
-- added support for 7z archives
-- new option: "Save page as"
-- new option: Auto-adjust cache size
-- added small (15 pct) overlap when scrolling page with
-- change in files sorting: it is now
case-insenstivie, with directories being last
-- In-built help was removed
2006-11-29: 0.3.4 -- fixed drawing/scaling/rotation bugs in two-pages
mode when 1st page is smaller than 2nd page.
-- fixed problem with opening files with non-ascii characters
in file name via command line
-- *.bmp file pattern added to the list of supported
2006-09-20: 0.3.3 -- fixed crash when rotating image in single-page
2006-08-26: 0.3.2 -- Added Drag&Drop support for archives/dirs
-- Fixed icon arrangement bug in Thumbnails window
-- "Show Info" option is disabled if no textual
information for opened comicbook was found.
-- "General Info" tab was removed from Info Window.
-- Fixed crash on empty comicbook (another one...)
2006-08-21: 0.3.1 -- "Preload next image" option now works with Imlib2
-- Fixed bug with "Open previous" not working
-- Fixed redrawing bugs when dragging image with
-- internal improvements and cleanups
-- Fixed compilation problem with Imlib2-1.2.0
2006-08-15: 0.3.0 -- ImLib2 is now used and required - huge speed
improvement in image loading & rendering
-- caching is now specified in Mb and is handled by
-- removed "Scaling method" option (no longer
-- double click moves to next page
-- removed experimental "Create archive" option (was
enabled by accident in 0.2.8)
2006-06-26: 0.2.8 -- added support for free unrar
-- new hotkeys: Ctrl+Q, Ctrl+Home, Ctrl+End
-- updated autoconf bnv_have_qt macro
2006-03-02: 0.2.7 -- fixed bug with status bar hiding in fullscreen mode
if 'Hide statusbar in fullscreen mode' option is on.
2005-12-27: 0.2.6 -- option to hide splashscreen added
-- progress is now displayed in statusbar
-- Changes in the menu: "Settings" menu created to
resemble KDE menus layout.
-- autoconf bnv_have_qt macro updated with latest
2005-11-13: 0.2.5 -- splash screen added (made exclusively for
QComicBook by Adam Mateja)
-- icons for Open Archive/Directory, Settings and
Set Bookmark options added
-- fixed bug with caching not working
2005-08-03: 0.2.4 -- new option for setting external help browser added
-- fixed redrawing bugs
-- internal cleanups and small improvements
-- help updated
-- check for correct Qt version in autoconf added
2005-07-09: 0.2.3 -- page is scrolled to top-right corner in japanese mode
-- autoconf script updated with newest version of bnv_have_qt
2005-06-19: 0.2.2 -- added image rotating options
2005-05-15: 0.2.1 -- rar, zip, ace archives are recognized by magic
bytes first, not by extension
-- fixed bug with handling relative comicbook paths
from commandline
-- fixed bug with progress window reappearing
2005-05-09: 0.2.0 -- 'Manage bookmarks' option added
-- many internal improvements and small bugfixes
-- Open next/previous actions are enabled only for
archives from now
2005-05-04: 0.1.9 -- option to hide statusbar in fullscreen mode added
-- keyboard shortcuts for 'Open next' and 'Open
previous' added
-- changing mouse cursor takes effect immediately now -
no need to restart
-- fixed compilation error for some gcc versions (<typeinfo>
-- fixed bug with bookmarked page numbers starting
from 0
2005-04-23: 0.1.8 -- support for ace (cba), tar.gz and tar.bz2 archives
-- improved mouse-dragging, reversed mouse-dragging
-- 'Open next' and 'Open previous' actions added
-- Japanese mode for two pages mode added
-- Option for 1- or 2- pages step in two pages mode
-- 'Small mouse cursor' option added
-- size of the current page(s) is shown in statusbar
-- most menu/toolbar functions are inactive now if no comic
book is opened
-- fixed bug with not restoring initial status of statusbar
2005-04-05: 0.1.7 -- thread-based thumbnail loading
-- thumbnails are smooth-scaled now
-- added option to set font for comic book info
-- added progress bar for archives decompression
-- added statusbar
-- fixed bug with thumbnails view taking keyboard
2005-03-30: 0.1.6 -- thumbnails view
-- page contents scrolling with mouse (LMB + move)
-- PageUp/PageDown keys reversed
-- scrolling up/down with mouse wheel now requires
an extra wheel move to flip page
-- scaling page buttons are toggle-buttons now to
indicate active scaling
-- toolbar position is saved now
-- cleanups in directory and archive handling code
-- fixed possible crash on errors when opening
comic book
2005-03-07: 0.1.5 -- image caching
-- page preloading
-- built-in help browser
-- new scaling option - best fit
-- man page added (from debian project subdirectory)
-- page scaling setting is saved/restored
-- fixed bug with recently opened files - most
recently opened file is on the top
-- fixed crash on empty archive/directory
-- internal improvements and small bugfixes
2005-02-03: 0.1.4 -- fixed bug with command line arguments parsing
-- fixed drawing bugs
-- real fullscreen mode - menu may be hidden if desired
(see config dialog)
-- ESC key quits fullscreen mode
-- space / backspace keys jump by visible
contents height now, instead of whole page;
improved continuous scrolling
-- jump to page... window is now modal
-- basic errors handling
-- binary name and default icons directory changed
from qcomic to qcomicbook
-- debian subdirectory added
2005-01-23: 0.1.3 -- new option, 'jump to page' - just press 1..9 key
-- archive/directory to open may be given as argument
to qcomicbook
-- fixed bug with loading bookmarks containg spaces
-- fixed bug with 'unrar' not working (when no 'rar'
command found)
-- fixed keyboard focus bug
-- internal function for searching rar/unrar/unzip
executables used instead of system('which ..')
-- other minor bugfixes
2005-01-20: 0.1.2 -- 'recently opened' submenu added
-- bookmarks added
-- configurable background color
-- page is centered horizontally/vertically if it is
smaller than window
-- previously opened directory is preserved in open
archive/directory file dialogs
-- optional toolbar with essential actions added
-- gif and xpm files are accepted now
-- added 'All files' filter for 'open archive' dialog
-- settings dialog added
-- settings are kept in ~/.qcomicbook directory instead of
-- comicbook info dialog; reading of .nfo and
file_id.diz files
2005-01-10: 0.1.1 -- 'two pages' mode
-- continuous scrolling option added (affects
keyboard and mouse wheel scrolling)
-- menu icons added
-- keyboard shortcuts for archive/dir open added
-- fixed image scaling bug
-- fixed crash on 'last page' when no comicbook
-- PageUp/PageDown keys for next/previous page added
-- window geometry and preferences saving
-- opened archive/directory name is shown on window border
-- some internal improvements
2005-01-07: 0.1.0 -- initial release