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Adam Mateja - for two great splash screens
Donn Ingle <> - for nice QComicBook app icon and bugreports/ideas
Lasse Liehu - patches that allow Windows compilation and improve portability
Michal Pena ( - for testing, bugfixes, debian and ubuntu package and man page
Marin Glibic - good and helpful bugreports
Jakub Narebski - tweaks for .spec file
Doruk Fisek - improved .desktop file
Adrian Schroeter - bugfix
Andres Rand - 7z archives support
Dulaunoy Fabrice - nice bugreport and patch verification
Digikam developers - Digikam source code helped me a lot with imlib2
Cork - accurate and useful bugreports
Alexandre Jodoin - bug reports
David Lemke - bug report + patch
Crocket - bug report
Lana Black - Qt5 port
Andrey Efremov - fix for drawing glitch.
Viktor Dahl - support for natural sorting.
* Translations:
duzak_87 - German (de_DE)
Marcio Moraes - Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)
Pavel Fric - Czech (cs_CZ)
Frank Smit - Dutch (nl_NL)
Lasse Liehu - Finnish (fi_FI)
Alexandre Jodoin - French (fr_FR, fr_CA)
Valerio Perticone - Italian (it_IT)
Kim YoungUk - Korean (ko_KR)
Eugeny Rozhkov - Russian (ru_RU)
lsl330 - Simplified Chinese (zh_CN)
David Rubert - Spanish (es_ES)
Max Shein - Ukrainian (uk_UA)