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Please reduce the number of images in the archive to the minimum needed for reproducing bug.
Please report bugs to:
+6. Translations
+If you want to translate QComicBook, please read README-translations.
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+If you want to translate QComicBook to a language of your choice, please read on.
+First off, contact me to ensure no one else is working on same translation.
+Then retrieve the latest QComicBook sources using git client, or via web
+interface (download a snapshot tarball) - go to
+Once you have the snapshot of QComicBook compiled, do the following:
+1. Change directory to i18n and execute " qcomicbook_xx_XX.ts"
+(replace xx_XX with yours country code). This will create a skeleton
+file for your translation.
+2. Run Qt4 Linguist, open the generated .ts file and translate it.
+3. In Qt4 Linguist, click "Release As.." and save the resulting .qm file
+to /usr/share/qcomicbook/i18n/ directory (or wherever you installed
+4. Run QComicBook; you should now see your translated messages.
+5. Once you are happy with your translation, send me the .ts file (attach the
+file "as is", or as a git diff if you're working with QComicBook git repository).

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