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Please reduce the number of images in the archive to the minimum needed for reproducing bug.
Please report bugs to:
6. Translations
If you want to translate QComicBook, please read README-translations.
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If you want to translate QComicBook to a language of your choice, please read on.
First off, contact me to ensure no one else is working on same translation.
Then retrieve the latest QComicBook sources using git client, or via web
interface (download a snapshot tarball) - go to
Once you have the snapshot of QComicBook compiled, do the following:
1. Change directory to i18n and execute " qcomicbook_xx_XX.ts"
(replace xx_XX with yours country code). This will create a skeleton
file for your translation.
2. Run Qt4 Linguist, open the generated .ts file and translate it.
3. In Qt4 Linguist, click "Release As.." and save the resulting .qm file
to /usr/share/qcomicbook/i18n/ directory (or wherever you installed
4. Run QComicBook; you should now see your translated messages.
5. Once you are happy with your translation, send me the .ts file (attach the
file "as is", or as a git diff if you're working with QComicBook git repository).

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