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a name learning trainer using Ruby and the Qt GUI toolkit

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nametrainer is a name learning trainer using Ruby and the Qt GUI toolkit.

It will assist you in learning people's names from a collection of images.

Quick Start

Start the application from the command line with nametrainer or with nametrainer path_to_collection. The program can also be started with a demo collection: use nametrainer --demo or nametrainer -d.

With a collection loaded, the application window will look similar to this:


nametrainer shows a randomly chosen image. You can then display the corresponding name and tell the application whether you know the person's name or you don't know it yet. Persons that you do not know will be shown more often.

Note that for reasons of speed and convenience it is not necessary to type in the name (so be honest to yourself). There are also keyboard shortcuts for "power users" (see the application's Help).

Additional settings:

  • Check Non-random order to show the images in ordered sequence.

  • Check Display name at once to display the names immediately when a person is shown.

These settings facilitate quick recapitulation of already learned names or learning of new names. Starting the application with nametrainer --learning-mode or with nametrainer -l activates both settings.


A collection is simply a directory with image files. nametrainer searches in the specified directory for all JPG or PNG files. It uses the file name as the person's display name unless a corresponding TXT file is also present. In this case it will use the content of the TXT file as name.

For example, a collection might contain the following files:


Please note:

  • Do not use special characters in file names; use underscore instead of space.
  • Use UTF-8 encoding for TXT files.


Install from with gem install nametrainer.

You will also have to install Qt bindings for Ruby:

  • On Linux, install the appropriate package for your distribution, or compile the bindings using the qtbindings gem (see the qtbindings README for instructions).

  • On Windows, the qtbindings gem should get you up and running.


The images for the demo collection were taken from

Reporting bugs

Report bugs on the nametrainer home page:


Copyright © 2012-2017 Marcus Stollsteimer

nametrainer is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 or later (GPLv3+), see There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.


a name learning trainer using Ruby and the Qt GUI toolkit






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