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Octopress Openweathermap

Aside to display weather current conditions in the sidebar of your Octopress site.

Live example at


  1. Copy openweathermap.html to your _includes/custom/asides directory.

  2. Grab an API key at (it's free)

  3. Update your _config.yml file to include openweathermap_* variables as shown in example below which is also in the provided _config.yml file:

     # Weather
     # API key
     # H1 title
     openweathermap_title: Weather
     # City name
     openweathermap_city_name: Los Angeles
     # Units : metric or imperial
     openweathermap_units: imperial
     # Lang : en, ru, it, sp, ua, de, pt, ro, pl, fi, nl, fr, bg, se, zh_tw, zh_cn, tr 
     openweathermap_lang: en
     # cache data to localStorage n seconds
     openweathermap_cache: 3600
  4. Add openweathermap.html to your default_asides variable in the _config.yml settings file. Example:

    default_asides: [custom/asides/openweathermap.html, custom/asides/about.html, asides/twitter.html, asides/recent_posts.html]

  5. Regenerate your blog