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Mamba App template

A complete project template for building Mamba apps.


Make sure all dependencies have been installed before moving on:


Creating a new Mamba App

With @mamba/cli

# Install the mamba cli globally if doesn't already have it
npm i -g @mamba/cli

# Create a new mamba app at 'my-mamba-app' directory
mamba new app my-mamba-app

? Name: My Mamba App
? Version: 1.0.0
? Description: My new Mamba app

# Enter the app directory
cd my-mamba-app

# Start the development server
mamba app start


# Create and enter your new app directory
mkdir my-mamba-app
cd my-mamba-app

# Install the standard mamba app template
npx degit stone-payments/pos-mamba-app-template

# Install its dependencies
npm i

# Run the development server
npm run start

Building and deploying to the POS

  1. Generate the production app bundle
# With the @mamba/cli
mamba app build

# Without the @mamba/cli
npm run build

This will generate the dist/bundle.pos directory and a dist/bundle.pos.tar.gz file, which both contains your Mamba app.

  1. Start the local http server
npm run serve # Starts the local http server
  1. Open the Develop app and insert your local server ip and the app will automatically look for the dist/bundle.pos.tar.gz and install it.

Npm Commands

  • npm run start - Start the dev server;
  • npm run serve - Start a local http server;
  • npm run build - Build the production bundle;
  • npm run build:dev - Build the development bundle;
  • npm run build:analyze - Analyze the final bundle;
  • npm run lint - Lint all style and script files;
  • npm run format - Format all style and script files;