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The solution that turns a POS(point of Sale) into much more than payment!

Develop applications using only web technology, without worrying about the complications of the capabilities of a POS.

License npm package


Make sure all dependencies have been installed before moving on:

📦 Getting Started

With @mamba/cli

# Install the mamba cli globally if doesn't already have it
npm i -g @mamba/cli

# Create a new mamba app at 'my-mamba-app' directory
mamba new app my-mamba-app

? Name: My Mamba App
? Version: 0.0.1
? Description: My new Mamba app


# Create and enter your new app directory
mkdir my-mamba-app
cd my-mamba-app

# Install the standard mamba app template
npx degit stone-payments/pos-mamba-app-template

⌨️ Development

Once you have completed the installation step, you are ready to start the project!

cd my-mamba-app # Your project folder

# Install its dependencies
npm i

# Run the development server
npm run start

Open your browser and visit , see more at Development.

🔨 Components usage

For Web Components, install the component / package that you want to use in the project:

npm install @mamba/button # Button component

# If you want to use the dialog component for example:

npm install @mamba/dialog

To import the installed component, simply do one of the following:

import Button from '@mamba/button';

export default {
  components: { Button }

// or

export default {
  components: {
    Button: '@mamba/button'

🧰 Commands

  • npm run lint - Lint all style and script files;
  • npm run format - Format all style and script files;
  • npm run link:packages - Create a local link of every package for local developing;
  • npm run test - Run all tests once;
  • npm run test:watch - Run all tests and keep watching for changes;
  • npm run release - Release a new version of the SDK;
  • lerna run x - Execute the x script in all packages;
  • lerna run start --scope=@mamba/component --stream - Run the dev server for a specific component;


✏️ Commiting

Our commits follow the Conventional Commits standard:

<type>[optional scope]: <description>

By installing git-cz globally (npm i -g git-cz) it's possible to use git cz instead of git commit for a interactive commit helper.

🔗 Useful links