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Hastie - Static Site Generator in Go

Author :

Started: Feb 13, 2012 Project: https://github.com/mkaz/hastie

Hastie is intended as replacement of jekyll (for myself), but jekyll has a robust plugin, extensibility and community that I do not expect to even attempt. If you are looking for a flexible tool to publish your site use jekyll.

If you are looking for a tool to tweek and play with the Go language, then this might be your choice. Most customizations will probably require code changes. The reason I created the tool was to learn Go, I'm publishing to hopefully help others with playing with the language.

Note: The name Hastie also comes from the novel Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Install Notes

Until Go v1.0 is released you need to install Go Weekly: http://golang.org/doc/install.html#fetch

$ cd $HOME
$ hg clone -u weekly https://go.googlecode.com/hg/ go
$ cd $HOME/go/src; ./all.bash
$ echo "GOROOT=$HOME/go" >> $HOME/.bashrc


Uses blackfriday for markdown conversion. go get github.com/russross/blackfriday


usage: hastie [flags]
  -c="hastie.json": Config file
  -h=false: show this help
  -v=false: verbose output

Configuration file format (default ./hastie.json)

  "SourceDir" : "posts",
  "LayoutDir" : "layouts",
  "PublishDir": "public"

Hastie walks through a templates directory and generates HTML files to a publish directory. It uses Go's template language for templates and markdown for content.

Here is sample site layout: (see test directory)


This will generate:


A few current limitations:

  • all files must be have .md extension

The usage of hastie is just as a template engine, it does not copy over any images, does not have a built-in web server or any of the other features that jekyll has.

I keep the public directory full with all of the assets for the site such as images, stylesheets, etc and hastie copies in the html files. So if you delete a template it won't be removed from public

Data available to templates:

.Title     -- Page Title
.Date      -- Page Date format using .Date.Format "Jan 2, 2006"
.Content   -- Converted HTML Content
.Category  -- Category (directory)
.OutFile   -- file path
.Recent    -- list most recent files, latest first
.Url       -- Url for this page
.PrevUrl   -- Previous Page Url
.PrevTitle -- Previous Page Title
.NextUrl   -- Next Page Url
.NextTitle -- Next Page Title

.Categories.CATEGORY -- list of most recent files for CATEGORY

Functions Available:

.Recent.Limit n -- will limit recent list to n items .Categories.Get CATEGORY -- will fetch category list CATEGORY, useful for dynamic categories

Examples: Show 3 most recent titles: {{ range .Recent.Limit 3 }} {{ .Title }} {{ end }}

Show 3 most recent from math category:
    {{ range .CategoryList.math }}
      {{ .Title }}
    {{ end }}


  • Create LESS converter for stylesheets

  • Create syntax highlighting blocks

  • Allow misc parameters in head section

  • Add ability to support rss.xml

  • Read .html files and apply template, no markdown

  • Expand example templates to use categories, limit and new feature sets


  • Add nicer error message/detection when no config found
  • Add nicer error detection when error with template
  • Shouldn't templates work in source files ??


ver 2012-03-10

  • Add Recent List by Category
  • Switched Config from string map to struct
  • Created new config element called CategoryMash which allows the combination of multiple categories into a single category. This allows for displaying a list of combined categories

ver 2012-03-09

  • Add Limit function to PagesSlice, availabe in templates
  • Removed Pages data, since duplicated

ver 2012-03-08

  • Add Prev-Next Links to Page Object

ver 2012-03-07

  • Change category to include full directory path
  • Trimmed begin-end quotes from passed in parameters no need to quote parameters in template files

ver 2012-03-02

  • Merged Fredrik Steen changes in github.com/stone/hastie
  • Switched config to json format
    • removed dependency on old config
  • Moved to Go1 support

ver 0.2 (unreleased)

  • In config, renamed template_dir to source This more accurately describes the directory, what I was thinking was templates to be expanded are really the source files for the site.

  • Added Url parameter to templates