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  1. deformer Public

    [ACL 2020] DeFormer: Decomposing Pre-trained Transformers for Faster Question Answering

    Python 101 14

  2. Code and Datasets for the AAAI 2018 paper "Event Representations with Tensor-based compositions"

    Python 38 8

  3. multee Public

    Repository for Repurposing Entailment for Multi-Hop Question Answering Tasks, NAACL19

    Python 26 5

  4. This repository provides the code and dataset for the work published in the paper - Modeling Label Semantics for Predicting Emotional Reactions

    Python 19 6

  5. musique Public

    Repository for MuSiQue: Multi-hop Questions via Single-hop Question Composition

    Python 13 1

  6. HAQAE Public

    Hierarchical And Quantized AutoEncoders

    Python 11 4


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