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Augment Steemit, Busy and Utopian with relevant and usefull functionnalities.


Here's a quick list of feature by platform that is detailed with images below.

Both (Busy & Steemit)

  • Voting % slider (Ability to vote less than 100%)
  • Quick Switch between Steemit, Busy, Utopian and Steemd
  • Delegations details and actions
  • Account's value
  • Login via Steem Connect


  • 1UP integration


  • Votes information (% and SBD values)
  • Rewards tab for pending and paid rewards
  • Feed+ : Filter your feed by tags, resteems, reputation and sorting options
  • User information
  • Wallet filters
  • Boost button (MinnowSupport integration)
  • Sticky Footer
  • Favorite users
  • SteemBoard Trophies
  • Beneficiaries
  • Offline Mode
  • Rank Badges with grades (Plankton, Minnow, Dolphin, Orca and Whales)
  • Markdown visualizer (Side by side)
  • Votes tab
  • Mentions tab
  • Followers tab
  • Withness Tab
  • Steem Sincerity ( Classification of users : Human | Bot | Spammer | Pending )
  • Gif Picker
  • STEEM & SBD current USD value
  • Direct transfer to users

Install Instructions

The extension is available on Chrome, Opera and Firefox, but work best under Chrome (auto updates and less complicated)


If you're using Chrome, it's very straightforward, you just have to install SteemPlus from the Chrome Store and enjoy!

Install in Opera and Firefox

More details can be found at the end of this documentation.

Features details

Voting % Slider

Allow you to specify a voting % and see what value it worth. Voting Slider More details

Votes information

Display of percentage and SBD value of the votes received. It works on posts and comments. Votes information More details

Rewards tab

Pending and recent author and curation rewards as well as benefactor rewards. Rewards tab More details


Allow you to filter and sort your feed. Feed+


  • Specific tags
  • Resteems
  • Author's Reputation


  • Recent
  • Old
  • Payout
  • Votes

More details

User Information

Decimals added to user reputation. On mouse over, displays a steemian current Voting Power, 100% vote value and time until full. user Information More details

Author Popup

Includes author's name, username and about information. You can follow/unfollow mute/unmute and tip. Shows if the author follows you, if they vote for you as witness and the QR Code of their username for easy integration with steemwallet.


Wallet filters

Allow filtering of your transactions, hide spam, research by user, minimum amount up to the last 500 results. Wallet filters More details More details - Improvements More details - More improvements

Delegation Button

Delagation Button

Delegation form and current delegations display

Delagation Form

Delegation detailled information

On mouse over of a delegation, it is possible to see the incoming and outgoing delegations. Delegation Details More details More details - Possible to delegate to an account from his page

Boost Button

Integration with MinnowSupport to allow a quick boost form this community. Boost Button More details

Sticky Footer

See a post information without having to scroll to the end of the article Sticky Footer More details

1UP integration

Quick link to 1UP votes on Utopian 1UP integration More Details

Favorite users

Store up to 10 favorite users in the browser local storage and quick links to them on the home page

Add a new favorite user

Favorite users

Quick links to favorite users

Quick links More details

Quick Switch

Quick links from the extension dropdown or shortcuts


  • Shift+Alt+S : Steemit
  • Shift+Alt+U : Utopian
  • Shift+Alt+B : Busy (need to configure in Chrome so that Steem Plus shortcuts override existing shortcuts)
  • Shift+Alt+D : Steemd

More details

SteemBoard Trophies

Display the earned throphies. SteemBoard Trophies More details


Allow you to share the profits of your posts to beneficiaires of you choice (max 6). This feature will cost you 5% of your profits. Beneficiaries More details

Offline Mode

No need to login via Steem Connect to use most of the features. More details

Rank Badges

Display a rank badge (visual indicator) with declinated grades on steemian you visit or yourself. Rank Badges New ranks More details More details - Update for sub ranks

Markdown visualizer

Side by side display for easier readability and adjustments. Markdown visualizer More details

Votes Tab

All incoming and outgoing votes in a dedicated tab. Votes Tab More details

Mentions Tab

Display mentions and their location in a dedicated tab. Mentions Tab More details More details - Improvements to use SteemSQL and bug fixes

Followers Improvements

Filter and sort your followers and followees. Also display relevant information (Reputation, Steem Power and Vote Value) Followers Improvements More details

Witness Tab

Ability to see current voted witnesses, unvote them or add a new Witness vote with user validation. Witness tab

More details is also available when consulting a witness profile. Witness Details

Witness votes recieved is also searchable and sortable Witness votes received

More details More details - Witness details More details - Votes received and improvements

Steem Sincerity

Class users into 4 categories with Machine Learning and users contributions. Categories

  • Human
  • Bot
  • Spammers
  • Pending (If the certainty isn't over 80% to reduce wrong categorization)

Steem Sincerity More details More details (2nd update)

Login via Steem Connect

Gif Picker

Gif Picker More details


A new satellite project, SteemPlus-API will serve as SteemPlus backend. It is mainly intended to automate tasks and query data from @arcange's SteemSQL database. More details

GitHub project with usage & installation documentation


The extension is available on Chrome, Opera and Firefox, but works best under Chrome

On Chrome

If you're using Chrome, it's very straightforward, you just have to install SteemPlus from the Chrome Store here and enjoy!

On Opera

  1. Add and install the Download Chrome Extension from the Opera add-ons gallery.
  2. Select Add to Opera in here.
  3. Accept the disclaimer.
  4. You'll be shown the extension manager page, select Install in front of SteemPlus.
  5. Enjoy!

On Firefox

  1. Install directly from the Mozilla Addons Store here

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