A listing of predatory academic journals and publishers.
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Stop Predatory Journals

A listing of predatory academic journals and publishers.


Journals that publish work without proper peer review and which charge scholars sometimes huge fees to submit should not be allowed to share space with legitimate journals and publishers, whether open access or not. These journals and publishers cheapen intellectual work by misleading scholars, preying particularly early career researchers trying to gain an edge. The credibility of scholars duped into publishing in these journals can be seriously damaged by doing so. It is important that as a scholarly community we help to protect each other from being taken advantage of in this way.

After Jeffrey Beall wsa forced to take down his list of predatory journals this month in order to avoid continued harassment and threats, a small group of scholars and information professionals decided to anonymously rebuild and resurrect that list in such a way that it people can contribute to it and subject the list to peer review. This site is the first version of that new list. To read more about Beall's list, see the article in Inside Higher Ed: "No More 'Beall's List'" by Carl Straumsheim (January 18, 2017).

The site runs on GitHub and anyone can use the affordances of that platform to make contributions, suggestions, edits, or add journals and publishers to the list. In addition to the existing lists, it is hoped that we can add more data about both journals and publishers in order to maintain a fair case for boycotting them. Lists will be available for easy export through this platform. It is hoped that this collaborative approach will give some ownership of the list to the scholarly community that is meant to be served by it.