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(ns ram
(:require [clojure.math.combinatorics :as c]
[clojure.string :as string]))
; ex v0
; -----
(def ex-state-v0 {:charge-map {:a 1 :b 1 :c 0}
:nand-gates [{:ins [:a :b]
:out :c}]})
; state v0
; ---------------
(def empty-state {:charge-map {} :nand-gates []})
(defn charge [state wire]
(get-in state [:charge-map wire]))
(defn charges [state wires]
(map (partial charge state) wires))
(defn set-charge [state wire charge]
(assoc-in state [:charge-map wire] charge))
(defn wire-nand-gate [state a b o]
(update state :nand-gates conj {:ins [a b] :out o}))
(charges (-> empty-state
(set-charge :a 1)
(set-charge :b 0))
[:a :b])
(wire-nand-gate empty-state :a :b :c))
; trigger v0
; ----------
(defn nand-xf [a b]
(if (= a b 1) 0 1))
(nand-xf 0 0)
(nand-xf 1 1))
(defn dependent-nand-gates [state wire]
(filter (fn [{:keys [ins]}] (some #{wire} ins))
(:nand-gates state)))
(dependent-nand-gates (wire-nand-gate empty-state :a :b :c) :a))
(declare trigger-nand-gate)
(defn trigger
([state wire new-v]
(let [old-c (charge state wire)
state' (set-charge state wire new-v)
new-c (charge state' wire)]
(if (= old-c new-c)
(reduce (fn [s out] (trigger-nand-gate s out))
(dependent-nand-gates state' wire))))))
(defn trigger-nand-gate
[state {:keys [ins out]}]
(let [new-charge (apply nand-xf (charges state ins))]
(trigger state out new-charge)))
(defn trigger-many [state wires charges]
(fn [acc-state [wire charge]]
(trigger acc-state wire charge))
(map vector wires charges)))
; not gate
; --------
(defn wire-not-gate
([state a o]
(wire-nand-gate state a a o)))
; wires v0
; ----------
(def _u (atom {}))
(defn uniq-n [k]
(swap! _u update k (fn [i] (inc (or i 0))))
(get @_u k))
(defn kw [& args]
(->> args
(map (fn [x] (if ((some-fn keyword? symbol?) x)
(name x)
(apply str)
(defn wire
(let [i (uniq-n n)]
(if (> i 1) (kw n "#" i) n))))
[(wire :a)
(wire :a)])
; and gate
; --------
(defn wire-and-gate [state a b o]
(let [nand-o (wire (kw a b :and-nand-o))]
(-> state
(wire-nand-gate a b nand-o)
(wire-not-gate nand-o o))))
; memory-bit
; ----------
(defn wire-memory-bit
([state s i o]
(let [a (wire :a)
b (wire :b)
c (wire :c)]
(-> state
(wire-nand-gate i s a)
(wire-nand-gate a s b)
(wire-nand-gate a c o)
(wire-nand-gate b o c)))))
; wires v1
; ----------
(defn names [n r]
(mapv (fn [i] (kw n "-" i)) (range r)))
(def wires (comp (partial mapv wire) names))
(comment (wires :i 8))
; byte
; ----
(defn wire-byte [state s ins outs]
(reduce (fn [acc-state [i o]]
(wire-memory-bit acc-state s i o))
(map vector ins outs)))
; enabler
; -------
(defn wire-enabler
[state e ins outs]
(fn [acc-state [in out]]
(wire-and-gate acc-state e in out))
(map vector ins outs)))
; register
; --------
(defn wire-register [state s e ins bits outs]
(-> state
(wire-byte s ins bits)
(wire-enabler e bits outs)))
; state v1
; --------
(defn set-charge
([state source wire charge]
(assoc-in state [:charge-map wire source] charge)))
(comment (set-charge empty-state :nand-a :w 1))
(defn charge [{:keys [charge-map]} w]
(when-let [charges (vals (charge-map w))]
(apply max charges)))
(let [s1 (-> empty-state
(set-charge :nand-a :w 1)
(set-charge :nand-b :w 0))]
(charge s1 :w)))
; trigger v1
; ----------
(defn trigger-nand-gate
[state {:keys [ins out]}]
(let [new-charge (apply nand-xf (charges state ins))]
(trigger (apply kw (conj ins out)) state out new-charge)))
(defn trigger
([state wire new-v] (trigger :repl state wire new-v))
([source state wire new-v]
(let [old-c (charge state wire)
state' (set-charge state source wire new-v)
new-c (charge state' wire)]
(if (= old-c new-c)
(reduce (fn [s out] (trigger-nand-gate s out))
(dependent-nand-gates state' wire))))))
; wire-bus
; --------
(defn wire-bus [state bus-wires s e bits]
(wire-register state s e bus-wires bits bus-wires))
; and-n
; -----
(defn wire-and-n [state ins out]
(let [[a b] (take 2 ins)
rem (drop 2 ins)]
(if-not (seq rem)
(wire-and-gate state a b out)
(let [w (wire (kw a b :-and))]
(wire-and-gate state a b w)
(list* w rem)
; decoder
; -------
(def decoder-mapping (partial c/selections [0 1]))
(comment (decoder-mapping 2))
(defn wire-decoder
[state ins outs]
(let [ins-nots (mapv #(wire (kw % :-not)) ins)
state' (reduce
(fn [acc-state [in out]]
(wire-not-gate acc-state in out))
(map vector ins ins-nots))
state'' (reduce
(fn [acc-state [sel out]]
(let [and-ins (map-indexed
(fn [i sign]
(if (= sign 0)
(nth ins-nots i)
(nth ins i)))
(wire-and-n acc-state and-ins out)))
(map vector (decoder-mapping (count ins)) outs))]
; mar
; ---
(defn wire-mar
[state s is os first-4-outs last-4-outs]
(-> state
(wire-byte s is os)
(wire-decoder (take 4 os) first-4-outs)
(wire-decoder (drop 4 os) last-4-outs)))
; io
; --
(defn wire-io
[state io-s io-e ios decoder-o-1 decoder-o-2 register-bits]
(let [x (wire (kw decoder-o-1 decoder-o-2 :x))
s (wire (kw decoder-o-1 decoder-o-2 :s))
e (wire (kw decoder-o-1 decoder-o-2 :e))]
(-> state
(wire-and-gate decoder-o-1 decoder-o-2 x)
(wire-and-gate x io-s s)
(wire-and-gate x io-e e)
(wire-bus ios s e register-bits))))
; ram
; ---
(defn wire-ram [state mar-s mar-is io-s io-e ios]
(let [mar-os (wires :mar-o 8)
mar-first-4-outs (wires :mar-dec-f 16)
mar-last-4-outs (wires :mar-dec-l 16)
state' (wire-mar state mar-s mar-is mar-os mar-first-4-outs mar-last-4-outs)
intersections (c/cartesian-product mar-first-4-outs mar-last-4-outs)
state'' (reduce
(fn [acc-state [fw lw]]
(wire-io acc-state io-s io-e ios fw lw
(wires (kw fw lw :rb) 8)))
; state v2
; ----
(def empty-state {:charge-map {} :in->nand-gate {}})
(defn wire-nand-gate [s a b o]
(fn [acc-state in]
(update-in acc-state
[:in->nand-gate in]
(fn [xs] (conj (or xs []) {:ins [a b] :out o}))))
[a b]))
(defn dependent-nand-gates [s w]
(get-in s [:in->nand-gate w]))
; repl
; ----
(defn initialize-ram [mar-s mar-is io-s io-e ios]
(-> empty-state
(wire-ram mar-s mar-is io-s io-e ios)
(trigger-many mar-is [0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0])
(trigger-many ios [0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0])
(trigger-many [mar-s io-s io-e]
[0 0 0])))
(defn set-mar [state mar-s mar-is mar-vs]
(-> state
(trigger-many mar-is mar-vs)
(trigger mar-s 1)
(trigger mar-s 0)))
(defn handle-read [state mar-s mar-is io-e ios loc ]
(let [charge-bus-with-register (-> state
(set-mar mar-s mar-is loc)
(trigger io-e 1))
next (-> charge-bus-with-register
(trigger io-e 0))]
(println (str "> " (string/join (charges charge-bus-with-register
(defn handle-write [state mar-s mar-is io-s ios loc vs]
(let [next (-> state
(set-mar mar-s mar-is loc)
(trigger-many ios vs)
(trigger io-s 1)
(trigger io-s 0)
(trigger-many ios [0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0]))]
(println "> done")
(defn ram-repl []
(str "🔥 Ram Simulation: Type a command. Here's what you can do: \n"
" (read [1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0]) \n"
" (write [1 0 1 0 1 0 1 0] [1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1]) \n"
" (exit)"))
(let [mar-is (wires :mar-i 8)
ios (wires :mar-io 8)
initial-state (initialize-ram :mar-s mar-is :io-s :io-e ios)]
(loop [state initial-state]
(let [input (read-string (read-line))
cmd (first input)
args (rest input)]
(condp = cmd
(recur (handle-read state :mar-s mar-is :io-e ios (first args)))
(recur (handle-write state :ms mar-is :io-s ios (first args) (second args)))
(println "> Goodbye!"))))))