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(ns machine-simulator)
; factorial
; ---------------
(defn factorial [n]
(loop [res 1
counter 1]
(if (> counter n)
(* counter res)
(inc counter)))))
(def factorial-instructions
(test (op >) (reg counter) (reg n))
(branch (label done))
(assign res (op *) (reg counter) (reg res))
(assign counter (op +) (reg counter) (const 1))
(goto (label start))
; parse-primitive
; ---------------
(def ex-machine-state-v0
{:registry-map {'n 10 'res 1 'counter 1}
:label->idx {'start 0 'done 5}})
(def tag first)
(defn tag-of? [sym s] (= sym (tag s)))
(defn parse-primitive [{:keys [registry-map label->idx] :as machine-state}
(condp tag-of? prim-exp
(second prim-exp)
(get registry-map (second prim-exp))
(label->idx (second prim-exp))))
(parse-primitive ex-machine-state-v0 '(const 1))
(parse-primitive ex-machine-state-v0 '(reg n))
(parse-primitive ex-machine-state-v0 '(label done)))
; parse-operation
; ---------------
(def ex-machine-state-v1
{:registry-map {'n 10 'res 1 'counter 1}
:label->idx {'start 0 'done 5}
:op-map {'* * '+ + '> >}})
(def operation-sym (comp second first))
(def operation-args rest)
(defn parse-operation [{:keys [op-map] :as data} op-exp]
(let [op-fn (get op-map (operation-sym op-exp))
evaled-args (map (partial parse-primitive data)
(operation-args op-exp))]
(apply op-fn evaled-args)))
(parse-operation ex-machine-state-v1 '((op >) (reg counter) (reg n)))
(parse-operation ex-machine-state-v1 '((op *) (reg counter) (reg res)))
(parse-operation ex-machine-state-v1 '((op +) (reg counter) (const 1))))
; assign
; ------
(def ex-machine-state-v2
{:registry-map {'n 10 'res 1 'counter 1}
:label->idx {'start 0 'done 5}
:op-map {'* * '+ + '> >}
:idx 0})
(def assign-reg-name second)
(def assign-operator #(nth % 2))
(def operation-exp?
(comp (partial tag-of? 'op) assign-operator))
(def assign-operation-exp (partial drop 2))
(defn exec-assign
"Assign comes in two forms:
(assign reg-name <primitive-op>)
i.e (assign foo (const 1))
(assign reg-name <operation> <args...>)
i.e (assign foo (op *) (const 2) (reg foo))"
[data ins]
(let [reg-name (assign-reg-name ins)
val (if (operation-exp? ins)
(parse-operation data (assign-operation-exp ins))
(parse-primitive data (assign-operator ins)))]
(-> data
(assoc-in [:registry-map reg-name] val)
(update :idx inc))))
(select-keys (exec-assign ex-machine-state-v2 '(assign counter (const 10)))
[:registry-map :idx])
(select-keys (exec-assign ex-machine-state-v2 '(assign counter (op +) (reg counter) (const 1)))
[:registry-map :idx]))
; goto
; -------------
(def goto-dest second)
(defn exec-goto [data ins]
(assoc data :idx (parse-primitive data (goto-dest ins))))
(select-keys (exec-goto ex-machine-state-v2 '(goto (label done)))
[:label->idx :idx]))
; test
; ----
(def ex-machine-state-v3
{:registry-map {'n 10 'res 1 'counter 1}
:label->idx {'start 0 'done 5}
:op-map {'* * '+ + '> >}
:idx 0
:test-passed? false})
(def drop-tag rest)
(defn exec-test [data ins]
(-> data
(assoc :test-passed? (parse-operation data (drop-tag ins)))
(update :idx inc)))
(:test-passed? (exec-test ex-machine-state-v3 '(test (op >) (reg counter) (reg n))))
(:test-passed? (exec-test ex-machine-state-v3 '(test (op >) (reg n) (reg counter)))))
; branch
; -------
(def branch-dest second)
(defn exec-branch [data ins]
(let [dest (parse-primitive data (branch-dest ins))]
(if (:test-passed? data)
(assoc data :idx dest)
(update data :idx inc))))
{:label->idx {'done 5} :test-passed? false :idx 0}
'(branch (label done)))
{:label->idx {'done 5} :test-passed? true :idx 0}
'(branch (label done))))
; exec
; -------------
(defn exec-ins [data ins]
(let [type->f {'assign exec-assign
'test exec-test
'branch exec-branch
'goto exec-goto}
f (or (type->f (tag ins))
(throw (Exception. "Unexpected instruction")))]
(f data ins)))
(:registry-map (exec-ins ex-machine-state-v3 '(assign counter (const 5)))))
; instructions
; -------------
(defn extract-label->idx [raw-instructions]
(fn [[idx label->idx] part]
(if (symbol? part)
[idx (assoc label->idx part idx)]
[(inc idx) label->idx]))
[0 {}]
(defn extract-instructions [raw-instructions]
(vec (remove symbol? raw-instructions)))
(extract-label->idx factorial-instructions)
(extract-instructions factorial-instructions))
; run
; -------------
(defn run [registry-map op-map raw-instructions]
(let [label->idx (extract-label->idx raw-instructions)
instructions (extract-instructions raw-instructions)
initial-machine-state {:registry-map registry-map
:op-map op-map
:idx 0
:test-passed? nil
:label->idx label->idx}]
(loop [machine-state initial-machine-state]
(if-let [ins (nth instructions (:idx machine-state) nil)]
(recur (exec-ins machine-state ins))
{'n 5 'counter 1 'res 1}
{'* * '> > '+ +}
[:registry-map 'res]))