Spanish stopwords collection
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Stopwords Spanish (ES)

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The most comprehensive collection of stopwords for the spanish language.

A multiple language collection is also available.


The collection comes in a JSON format and a text format. You are free to use this collection any way you like. It is only currently published on npm and bower.

$ npm install stopwords-es
$ bower install stopwords-es
// Node
const stopwords = require('stopwords-es'); // array of stopwords


If you wish to remove or update some of the stopwords, please file an issue first before sending a PR on the repo of the specific language.

If you would like to add a stopword or a new set of stopwords, please add them as a new text file insie the raw directory then send a PR.

Please send a separate PR on the main repo to credit the source of the added stopwords.


All stopwords sources are listed on the main repo.