Stoq Retail Management System
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rafaelredivo Add a new search column in the Till app
The new column added is Missing Payment. This will be very useful for
clients who use the Till app to confirm sales.

In cases where there is partial payment of the sale, it will no longer be
shown only the total value of sales, but also the partial amount to be paid.

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requirements.txt Migrate to python3. Jun 13, 2017 Purchase: move some bussines logic to domain. Jul 13, 2017 Release 3.0 rc1 Apr 18, 2018
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Stoq's homepage is located at:

You can fetch the latest source code from github:

  $ git clone

If you have any enhancements or bug reports, please fill them in Async's

Please select the product name Stoq


Gtk+ >= 3.10
Gudev >= 204
Kiwi >= 3.0.1
Mako >= 0.2.5
PostgresSQL >= 9.6
PyGtk >= 2.20
PySerial >= 2.1
Python >= 3.4
Python Cairo = 1.8.2
Python Dateutil >= 1.4.1
Pythin Inotify >= 0.9.2
Python Poppler 0.24
Python Twisted >= 10.0
Python XLWT >= 1.2.0
Python Imaging Library (PIL) >= 1.1.5
PyWebkitGtk = (1, 1, 7)
Psycopg >= 2.0.5
Reportlab >= 2.4
Stoqdrivers >= 1.4.1
Storm >= 0.19
Zope.interface >= 3.0
WeasyPrint >= 0.15

Running Stoq

The main script to run Stoq can be found in the bin directory, you can just
run it:

  $ bin/stoq

And if you're missing any dependencies it will show you so.

For complete instructions on how to install all dependencies and setting up
a database so you can test Stoq, look at the wiki: (English) (Português)

New Versions

New versions of Stoq can be found at:

A list of new features in each release can be found here (portuguese only):

Mailing list

There is two mailing lists for Stoq. You can subscribe to them through the web
interface at:

Copyright Information

Stoq itself is covered by the GNU General Public License
(version 2.0, or if you choose, a later version).  Basically just don't
say you wrote bits you didn't.

However, some parts of it are covered under different licesenses, see:

docs/copyright for more information