Python fiscal printer (ECF) drivers
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romaia Implement Micheletti P15 scale.
This is pretty similar to the Prix3 code.

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Stoqdrivers has  as goal  the implementation of  drivers for  the most
common  equipments  that  interacts  with retail  systems.   The  main
example usage of this package is in Stoq:


    * Python 2.4 (
    * Kiwi (
    * pySerial 1.3 (
    * pyUSB 1.3 (
    * Zope interfaces 3.5.2 (

New Versions

New versions of the package can be found always by the gerrit repository:

There's also a mirror at github:

    $ git clone

Mailing list

There are two mailing lists where you can put questions and suggestions
about Stoqdrivers. You can subscribe to them through the web interface