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Libblockdev 2.20

New minor release of the libblockdev library with multiple fixes. See below for details.

Notable changes

  • fixes
    • Fix parsing extra arguments for LVM methods calls in the LVM DBus plugin.
    • Multiple fixes for running tests on Debian testing.
  • development
    • Vagrantfile template was added for easy development machine setup.

Full list of changes

Dennis Schridde (1):

  • Fix build of plugins by changing linking order

Vojtech Trefny (17):

  • Fix spacing in NEWS.rst
  • Fix licence header in dbus.c
  • Do not require 'dmraid' package if built without dmraid support
  • Always build the VDO plugin
  • kbd: Check for zram module availability in 'bd_kbd_is_tech_avail'
  • Fix skipping zram tests on Fedora 27
  • Build the dm plugin without dmraid support on newer RHEL
  • tests: Try harder to get distribution version
  • Skip bcache tests on Debian testing
  • Skip NTFS mount test on Debian testing
  • Skip MDTestAddRemove on Debian
  • lvm-dbus: Fix parsing extra arguments for LVM methods calls
  • Fix how we check zram stats from /sys/block/zram0/stat
  • Add some missing test dependencies to the vagrant template
  • Add Ubuntu 18.04 VM configuration to the vagrant template
  • Skip nvdimm tests on systems without ndctl
  • Require newer version of cryptsetup for LUKS2 tests

Vratislav Podzimek (6):

  • Mark the function stubs as static
  • Fix the error message when deleting partition fails
  • Add a Vagrantfile template
  • Document what the 'misc' directory contains
  • Fix how/where the bcache tests are skipped
  • Use unsafe caching for storage for devel/testing VMs

Libblockdev 2.19

New minor release of the libblockdev library with multiple fixes. See below for details.

Notable changes

  • features
    • vdo: new functions to get statistical data for existing VDO volumes (bd_vdo_get_stats)
    • crypto: support for passing extra arguments for key derivation function when creating LUKS2 format

Full list of changes

Max Kellermann (8):

  • fix -Wstrict-prototypes
  • exec: make msg parameters const
  • plugins/check_deps: make all strings and UtilDep instances const
  • plugins/crypto: work around -Wdiscarded-qualifiers
  • plugins/dm: add explicit cast to work around -Wdiscarded-qualifiers
  • plugins/lvm{,-dbus}: get_lv_type_from_flags() returns const string
  • plugins/kbd: make wait_for_file() static
  • pkg-config: add -L${libdir} and -I${includedir}

Tom Briden (1):

  • Re-order libbd_crypto_la_LIBADD to fix libtool issue

Tomas Bzatek (2):

  • vdo: Properly destroy the yaml parser
  • fs: Properly close both ends of the pipe

Vojtech Trefny (33):

  • Sync spec with downstream
  • Do not build VDO plugin on non-x86_64 architectures
  • Show simple summary after configure
  • Add Python override for bd_crypto_tc_open_full
  • Add a simple test case for bd_crypto_tc_open
  • Use libblkid in bd_crypto_is_luks
  • Make sure all our free and copy functions work with NULL
  • Fix few wrong names in doc strings
  • Use versioned command for Python 2
  • Reintroduce python2 support for Fedora 29
  • Allow specifying extra options for PBKDF when creating LUKS2
  • Fix missing parenthesis in blkid version check
  • acinclude.m4: Use AS_EXIT to fail in LIBBLOCKDEV_FAILURES
  • Skip 'test_cache_pool_create_remove' on CentOS 7
  • Convert dictionary keys to set before using them
  • Make sure library tests properly clean after themselves
  • Make sure library_test works after fixing -Wstrict-prototypes
  • Do not build btrfs plugin on newer RHEL
  • Do not build KBD plugin with bcache support on RHEL
  • Skip btrfs tests if btrfs module is not available
  • Add version to tests that should be skipped on CentOS/RHEL 7
  • Skip VDO tests also when the 'kvdo' module is not available
  • Fix how we check zram stats from /sys/block/zram0/mm_stat
  • Fix calling BlockDev.reinit in swap tests
  • Fix vdo configuration options definition in spec file
  • Fix running pylint in tests
  • Ignore "bad-super-call" pylint warning in
  • Fix three memory leaks in lvm-dbus.c
  • Fix licence headers in sources
  • lvm.c: Check for 'lvm' dependency in 'bd_lvm_is_tech_avail'
  • lvm-dbus.c: Check for 'lvmdbus' dependency in 'bd_lvm_is_tech_avail'
  • Add test for is_tech_available with multiple dependencies
  • Use python interpreter explicitly when running

Libblockdev 2.18

New minor release of the libblockdev library with multiple fixes. See below for details.

Notable changes

  • features

    • New plugin: vdo

      • support for creating and managing VDO volumes
    • Support for building dm plugin without libdmraid support -- configure option --without-dmraid.

Full list of changes

Kai Lüke (2):

  • Correct arguments for ext4 repair with progress
  • Introduce reporting function per thread

Tomas Bzatek (3):

  • vdo: Resolve real device file path
  • vdo: Implement bd_vdo_grow_physical()
  • vdo: Add tests for bd_vdo_grow_physical()

Vojtech Trefny (14):

  • Update specs.rst and features.rst
  • Fix release number in NEWS.rst
  • Add 'bd_dm_is_tech_avail' to header file
  • Always check for error when (un)mounting
  • Add the VDO plugin
  • Add basic VDO plugin functionality
  • Add decimal units definition to utils/sizes.h
  • Add tests for VDO plugin
  • Only require plugins we really need in LVM dbus tests
  • Allow compiling libblockdev without libdmraid
  • Adjust to new NVDIMM namespace modes
  • Do not try to build VDO plugin on Fedora
  • Remove roadmap.rst
  • Add VDO to features.rst

Vratislav Podzimek (2):

  • Use xfs_repair instead of xfs_db in bd_fs_xfs_check()
  • Clarify that checking an RW-mounted XFS file system is impossible

segfault (1):

  • Fix off-by-one error when counting TCRYPT keyfiles

Libblockdev 2.17

New minor release of the libblockdev library with multiple fixes. See below for details.

Notable changes

  • features
    • New plugin: nvdimm
      • support for NVDIMM namespaces management
      • requires libndctl >= 58.4
    • LUKS2 support
      • support for creating LUKS2 format including authenticated disk encryption
      • multiple new functions for working with LUKS devices (suspend/resume, header backup, metadata size...)
    • Extended support for opening TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt volumes
    • Support for building crypto plugin without escrow device support (removes build dependency on libvolume_key and libnss) -- configure option --without-escrow.
    • Support for building libblockdev without Python 2 support -- configure option --without-python2.

Full list of changes

Bjorn Pagen (3):

  • Fix build against musl libc
  • Fix build with clang
  • Enforce ZERO_INIT gcc backwards compatibility

Florian Klink (1):

  • s390: don't hardcode paths, search PATH

Jan Pokorny (1):

  • New function for luks metadata size

Vojtech Trefny (24):

  • Sync the spec file with downstream
  • Fix python2-gobject-base dependency on Fedora 26 and older
  • Add the NVDIMM plugin
  • Add tests for the NVDIMM plugin
  • Add --without-xyz to DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS for disabled plugins
  • Add function for getting NVDIMM namespace name from devname or path
  • Fix memory leaks discovered by clang
  • Get sector size for non-block NVDIMM namespaces too
  • lvm-dbus: Check returned job object for error
  • Add functions to suspend and resume a LUKS device
  • Add function for killing keyslot on a LUKS device
  • Add functions to backup and restore LUKS header
  • Require at least libndctl 58.4
  • Allow compiling libblockdev crypto plugin without escrow support
  • Allow building libblockdev without Python 2 support
  • Skip bcache tests on Rawhide
  • Add support for creating LUKS 2 format
  • Use libblockdev function to create LUKS 2 in tests
  • Add a basic test for creating LUKS 2 format
  • Add function to get information about a LUKS device
  • Add function to get information about LUKS 2 integrity devices
  • Add functions to resize LUKS 2
  • Add a generic logging function for libblockdev
  • Redirect cryptsetup log to libblockdev log

Vratislav Podzimek (1):

  • Use '=' instead of '==' to compare using 'test'

segfault (10):

  • Support unlocking VeraCrypt volumes
  • Support TCRYPT keyfiles
  • Support TCRYPT hidden containers
  • Support TCRYPT system volumes
  • Support VeraCrypt PIM
  • Add function bd_crypto_device_seems_encrypted
  • Make keyfiles parameter to bd_crypto_tc_open_full zero terminated
  • Don't use VeraCrypt PIM if compiled against libcryptsetup < 2.0
  • Make a link point to the relevant section
  • Add new functions to docs/libblockdev-sections.txt

Libblockdev 2.16

New minor release of the libblockdev library with multiple fixes. See below for details.

Notable changes

  • features
    • LUKS 2 support for luks_open/close and luks_add/remove/change_key
    • Progress report support for ext filesystem checks

Full list of changes

Jan Tulak (4):

  • Add a function to test if prog. reporting was initialized
  • Add progress reporting infrastructure for Ext fsck
  • Add e2fsck progress
  • Add tests for progress report

Vojtech Trefny (5):

  • Fix link to online documentation
  • Update 'Testing libblockdev' section in documentation
  • Check if 'journalctl' is available before trying to use it in tests
  • Fix few more links for project and documentation website
  • Add support for LUKS 2 opening and key management

Vratislav Podzimek (2):

  • Fix how the new kernel module functions are added to docs
  • Sync the spec file with downstream

Libblockdev 2.15

New minor release of the libblockdev library with multiple fixes and quite big refactorization changes (in the file system plugin). See below for details.

Notable changes

  • fixes
    • Fix bd_s390_dasd_format() and bd_s390_dasd_is_ldl().
    • Fix how GPT patition flags are set.
    • Check the btrfs module availability as part of checking the btrfs plugin's dependencies.
    • Fix memory leaks in bd_fs_vfat_get_info()
    • Fix the file system plugin's dependency checking mechanisms.
  • features
    • Mark some of the tests as unstable so that their failures are reported, but ignored in the overall test suite status.
    • The file system plugin is now split into multiple source files making it easier to add support for more file systems and technologies.

Full list of changes

Vendula Poncova (2):

  • bd_s390_dasd_is_ldl should be true only for LDL DADSs
  • Fix bd_s390_dasd_format

Vojtech Trefny (5):

  • Use only sgdisk to set flags on GPT
  • Add test for setting partition flags on GPT
  • Free locale struct in kbd plugin
  • Move kernel modules (un)loading and checking into utils
  • Check for btrfs module availability in btrfs module

Vratislav Podzimek (11):

  • Do not lie about tag creation
  • Mark unstable tests as such
  • Split the FS plugin source into multiple files
  • Split the bd_fs_is_tech_avail() implementation
  • Revert the behaviour of bd_fs_check_deps()
  • Fix memory leaks in bd_fs_vfat_get_info()
  • Mark bcache tests as unstable
  • Add a HACKING.rst file
  • Move the fs.h file to its original place
  • Do not use the btrfs plugin in library tests
  • Do not use the 'btrfs' plugin in overrides tests

Libblockdev 2.14

New minor release of the libblockdev library with important fixes and a few new features, in particular support for the NTFS file system. See below for details.

Notable changes

  • fixes
    • Fix BSSize memory leaks
    • Fixes for issues discovered by coverity
    • Support for the 'Legacy boot' GPT flag
  • features
    • Added function to get DM device subsystem
    • Support for the NTFS file system
    • pkg-config definitions improvements

Full list of changes

Jan Pokorny (1):

  • Added function to get DM device subsystem

Kai Lüke (2):

  • Add function wrappers for NTFS tools
  • Add some test cases for NTFS

Vojtech Trefny (29):

  • Skip btrfs subvolume tests with btrfs-progs 4.13.2
  • Fix BSSize memory leaks in btrfs and mdraid plugins
  • Use system values in KbdTestBcacheStatusTest
  • Use libbytesize to parse bcache block size
  • Fix unused variables
  • fs.c: Fix resource leaks in 'bd_fs_get_fstype'
  • fs.c: Check sscanf return value in 'bd_fs_vfat_get_info'
  • fs.c: Fix for loop condition in 'bd_fs_get_fstype'
  • lvm.c: Fix "use after free" in 'bd_lvm_get_thpool_meta_size'
  • mdraid.c: Fix resource leaks
  • part.c: Check if file discriptor is >= 0 before closing it
  • kbd.c: Fix double free in 'bd_kbd_zram_get_stats'
  • exec.c: Fix "use after free" in 'bd_utils_check_util_version'
  • crypto.c: Use right key buffer in 'bd_crypto_luks_add_key'
  • part.c: Fix possible NULL pointer dereference
  • fs.c: Fix "forward null" in 'do_mount' and 'bd_fs_xfs_get_info'
  • exec.c: Fix resource leaks in 'bd_utils_exec_and_report_progress'
  • kbd.c: Fix potential string overflow in 'bd_kbd_bcache_create'
  • part.c: Check if we've found a place to put new logical partitions
  • exec.c: Ignore errors from 'g_io_channel_shutdown'
  • Ignore some coverity false positive errors
  • crypto.c: Fix waiting for enough entropy
  • exec.c: Fix error message in 'bd_utils_exec_and_report_progress'
  • Fix duplicate 'const' in generated functions
  • lvm-dbus.c: Fix multiple "use after free" coverity warnings
  • fs.c: Fix multiple "forward NULL" warnings in 'bd_fs_ntfs_get_info'
  • dm.c: Check return values of dm_task_set_name/run/get_info functions
  • dm.c: Fix uninitialized values in various dm plugin functions
  • fs.c: Fix potential NULL pointer dereference

Vratislav Podzimek (3):

  • Sync spec with downstream
  • Add pkgconfig definitions for the utils library
  • Respect the version in the blockdev.pc file

intrigeri (1):

  • Support the legacy boot GPT flag

Thanks to all our contributors.

Vratislav Podzimek, 2017-10-31

Libblockdev 2.13

New minor release of the libblockdev library. Most of the changes are bugfixes related to building and running tests on the s390 architecture and CentOS 7 aarch64. Other than that a support for checking runtime dependencies (utilities) on demand and querying available technologies was implemented.

Notable changes

  • builds
    • various fixes for building on s390
  • tests
    • various changes allowing running the test suite on s390
    • various changes allowing running the test suite on CentOS7 aarch64
  • features
    • checking for runtime dependencies on demand
    • querying available technologies

Full list of changes

Vojtech Trefny (14):

  • Allow compiling libblockdev without s390 plugin
  • Do not run g_clear_error after setting it
  • Fix zFCP LUN max length
  • Bypass error proxy in s390 test
  • Use "AC_CANONICAL_BUILD" to check architecture instead of "uname"
  • Do not include s390utils/vtoc.h in s390 plugin
  • Add NEWS.rst file
  • Fix source URL in spec file
  • Use only one git tag for new releases
  • Add new function for setting swap label
  • Skip btrfs tests on CentOS 7 aarch64
  • Better handle old and new zram sysfs api in tests
  • Try harder when waiting for lio device to show up
  • Use shorter prefix for tempfiles

Vratislav Podzimek (9):

  • Add a function for getting plugin name
  • Dynamically check for the required utilities
  • Add functions for querying available technologies
  • Simplify what WITH_BD_BCACHE changes in the KBD plugin
  • Add a basic test for the runtime dependency checking
  • Add missing items to particular sections in the documentation
  • Assign functions to tech-mode categories
  • Add a function for enabling/disabling plugins' init checks
  • Fix the rpmlog and shortlog targets

Thanks to all our contributors.

Vratislav Podzimek, 2017-09-29

Libblockdev 2.12

New minor release of libblockdev library. Most changes in this release are related to improving our test suite and fixing new issues and bugs.

Notable changes

  • tests
    • various changes allowing running the test suite on Debian

Full list of changes

Kai Lüke (1):

  • Wait for resized partition

Vojtech Trefny (20):

  • Try to get distribution info from "PrettyName" if "CPEName" isn't available
  • Require only plugins that are needed for given test
  • Try harder to unmount devices in test cleanup
  • Fix redirecting command output to /dev/null in tests
  • Skip free region tests on Debian too
  • Skip the test for device escrow on Debian too
  • Skip zRAM tests on Debian
  • Skip dependency checking in mpath tests on Debian
  • Fix checking for available locales
  • Fix names of backing files in tests
  • Skip vgremove tests on 32bit Debian
  • Use libmount cache when parsing /proc/mounts
  • Use mountpoint for "xfs_info" calls
  • Close filesystem before closing the partition during FAT resize
  • Stop skipping FAT resize tests on rawhide
  • Tests: Move library initialization to setUpClass method
  • Add a script for running tests
  • Use "run_tests" script for running tests from Makefile
  • Fix label check in swap_test
  • Own directories /etc/libblockdev and /etc/libblockdev/conf.d

Vratislav Podzimek (6):

  • Sync spec with downstream
  • Use -ff when creating PVs in FS tests
  • Confirm the force when creating PVs in FS tests
  • Add some space for the CI status
  • Make sure the device is opened for libparted
  • New version - 2.12

Thanks to all our contributors.

Vratislav Podzimek, 2017-08-30

Libblockdev 2.11

New minor release of libblockdev library.

Notable changes

  • library
    • added option to skip dependecy check during library initialization

Full list of changes

Kai Lüke (2):

  • Link to GObject even if no plugin is activated
  • Allow non-source directory builds

Vojtech Trefny (1):

  • Use new libmount function to get (un)mount error message

Vratislav Podzimek (6):

  • Update the documentation URL
  • Keep most utilities available for tests
  • Skip zram tests on Rawhide
  • Add a way to disable runtime dependency checks
  • Make the KbdZRAMDevicesTestCase inherit from KbdZRAMTestCase
  • New version - 2.11

Thanks to all our contributors.

Vratislav Podzimek, 2017-07-31

Libblockdev 2.10

New minor release of libblockdev library adding some new functionality in the crypto, fs and part plugins and fixing various issues and bugs.

Notable changes

  • crypto
    • support for opening and closing TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt volumes: bd_crypto_tc_open and bd_crypto_tc_close
  • fs
    • new functions for checking of filesystem functions availability: bd_fs_can_resize, bd_fs_can_check and bd_fs_can_repair
    • new generic function for filesystem repair and check: bd_fs_repair and bd_fs_check
  • part
    • newly added support for partition resizing: bd_part_resize_part

Full list of changes

Kai Lüke (6):

  • Size in bytes for xfs_resize_device
  • Query functions for FS resize and repair support
  • Generic Check and Repair Functions
  • Add partition resize function
  • Query setting FS label support and generic relabeling
  • Specify tolerance for partition size

Tony Asleson (3):

  • kbd.c: Make bd_kbd_bcache_create work without abort
  • kbd.c: Code review corrections
  • bcache tests: Remove FEELINGLUCKY checks

Tristan Van Berkom (2):

  • Fixed include for libvolume_key.h
  • src/plugins/ Remove hard coded include path in /usr prefix

Vratislav Podzimek (12):

  • Try RO mount also if we get EACCES
  • Adapt to a change in behaviour in new libmount
  • Add functions for opening/closing TrueCrypt/VeraCrypt volumes
  • Update the project/source URL in the spec file
  • Compile everything with the C99 standard
  • Do not strictly require all FS utilities
  • Check resulting FS size in tests for generic FS resize
  • Only use the exact constraint if not using any other
  • Do not verify vfat FS' size after generic resize
  • Limit the requested partition size to maximum possible
  • Only enable partition size tolerance with alignment
  • New version - 2.10

squimrel (1):

  • Ignore parted warnings if possible

Thanks to all our contributors.

Vratislav Podzimek, 2017-07-05