@vpodzime vpodzime released this Dec 1, 2017 · 230 commits to master since this release

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New minor release of the libblockdev library with multiple fixes and quite big
refactorization changes (in the file system plugin). See below for details.

Notable changes

  • fixes

    • Fix bd_s390_dasd_format() and bd_s390_dasd_is_ldl().

    • Fix how GPT patition flags are set.

    • Check the btrfs module availability as part of checking the btrfs
      plugin's dependencies.

    • Fix memory leaks in bd_fs_vfat_get_info()

    • Fix the file system plugin's dependency checking mechanisms.

  • features

    • Mark some of the tests as unstable so that their failures are reported, but
      ignored in the overall test suite status.

    • The file system plugin is now split into multiple source files making it
      easier to add support for more file systems and technologies.

See NEWS.rst for full list of changes.