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Let There Be Tests

The funniest package needs some tests. These should be placed in a submodule of funniest. so that they can be imported, but won't pollute the global namespace.:


The file is our first test file. Although it's overkill for now, we'll use a unittest.TestCase subclass to provide infrastructure for later development.:

from unittest import TestCase

import funniest

class TestJoke(TestCase):
    def test_is_string(self):
        s = funniest.joke()
        self.assertTrue(isinstance(s, basestring))

The best way to get these tests going (particularly if you're not sure what to use) is Nose. With those files added, it's just a matter of running this from the root of the repository:

$ pip install nose
$ nosetests

To integrate this with our, and ensure that Nose is installed when we run the tests, we'll add a few lines to setup():


Then, to run tests, we can simply do:

$ python test

Setuptools will take care of installing nose and running the test suite.

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