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This is the first release of Papers. Read more about it here

SHA Checksums

Binary Checksum
papers-local-x86_64-apple-darwin 389e4ff511a8e251578f5db5b87524ffc1d3a884
papers-local_x86_64-linux-gnu 13d639fd2017fc74a74d1e80b0166d49fa3270e8
papers-server-x86_64-apple-darwin dc12d9da5c04d030e953a9bde581e24010d13dee
papers-server_x86_64-linux-gnu 0b7e7a1b5439902aa358771eb840e4f2d125d626

Try it out with Docker

$ docker run -ti --rm store2be/pape-rs:0.1.0

... or with Kubernetes