Comparison to similar projects

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There are a lot of other libraries out there for achieving a similar goal than redux-belt does. On this page we elaborate a little bit about what we do different and why.


  • We offer the possibility of namespacing actions as a way to reduce boilerplate.

  • Our actions reflect network operations, which take time to complete and have a potential for failure. An action starts, runs and eventually succeeds or fails, hence the _SUCCESS and _FAILURE action types.


  • We wanted to create a very minimal abstraction of reducers. So we don't have something like createReducer that looks very different from original redux.

  • For CRUD operations, we provide a reducer that composes with your existing reducers, and patterns that go with it, so you can realize most common operations without boilerplate and adjust it to your needs.


  • We encourage the use of redux-saga and patterns that compose well with it.
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