Run Dredd API Blueprint tests with Meteor
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Meteor + Dredd

Dredd is a HTTP API Testing Framework, that automatically tests your API Blueprints against the backend implementation. Now, if you write that backend implementation with Meteor, this package integrates Dredd into Meteor's testing suite Velocity and makes testing your API endpoints with Dredd as easy as possible.


You can test packages only with meteor-dredd. To do so add api.use('storeness:meteor-dredd') to your package.js file. This is a complete example of how your package.js might look like

Package.onUse(function(api) { ... })

Package.onTest(function(api) {

  ], 'server', {isAsset: true})

Basic Usage

Write your blueprint file just as you would anyways. Now, create the common directory structure tests/dredd/blueprints/ and tests/dredd/hooks/. Inside those directories you can place custom API blueprints and hooks, that dredd will use.

To make dredd use your blueprints and automatically rerun tests, when the blueprint changes, you might one to create a symlink:

ln -s apiary.apib packages/your-package/tests/dredd/blueprints/

To run the tests and display them with Velocity run something like this on your command line

VELOCITY_TEST_PACKAGES=1 meteor --port 4000 test-packages --driver-package velocity:html-reporter yourname:your-package