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A Chrome extension that highlights advertisements in the Facebook news feed.
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Facebook Ad Highlighter Chrome Extension

This extension highlights Facebook advertisements in a user’s news feed.

NOTE: this does not cover ads in the right sidebar, which Facebook has not "adblock-proofed," only those in the newsfeed, which Facebook is attempting to make visible even to users using adblock.

Update History


  • Fixed a glitch where the first sponsored post was not recognized.


  • Fixed a small bug that prevented detection of the new ads with "Sponsored" based on pseudoselectors


  • Added a "close" button to the highlighting overlay so users can interact with the ad if they wish.
  • Search for the "Sponsored" text includes text added using the :before/:after pseudoselectors.
  • Add the locale-specific "Sponsored" text below "THIS IS AN AD"


  • Added support for all Facebook locales.

Code Overview

  • manifest.json contains information about the overall structure of the extension as well as the title, version number, and description.
  • popup is just a simple description of the extension that appears when the user clicks the icon in the upper right.
  • ad_remover.js is the script that runs on, searches for ads, and highlights them.
  • locale_info.js keeps information about the "Sponsored" text in various languages to support all Facebook locales.
  • externalCode contains jquery 1.12.4

Running This Extension

Download it from the Google Webstore.

Or, to get this running from the source code on your local machine (Chrome only):

  • navigate to "chrome://extensions"
  • click the checkbox next to "Developer mode" in the upper right hand corner
  • click the "Load unpacked extension..." button below the "Extensions" title
  • select the “fbAdRemover” folder from your filesystem
  • refresh any open Facebook pages



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