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Storey Lab

Storey Lab at Princeton University


  1. qvalue Public

    R package to estimate q-values and false discovery rate quantities.

    R 80 32

  2. edge Public

    R package for identifying differentially expressed genes from genome-wide gene expression profiling studies.

    R 19 8

  3. gcatest Public

    genotype conditional association test

    R 5 2

  4. lfa Public

    logistic factor analysis

    R 13 8

  5. popkin Public

    R package to estimate kinship and FST from SNP data

    R 17

  6. TeraStructure is a new algorithm to fit Bayesian models of genetic variation in human populations on tera-sample-sized data sets (10^12 observed genotypes, i.e., 1M individuals at 1M SNPs). This pa…

    C++ 45 12


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